DreamWorks' Dragons: Riders of Berk, vol. #1

Story by
Art by
Iwan Nazif
Colors by
Digikore Studio, Nestor Pereya
Letters by
David Manley-Leach
Titan Comics

Snotlout's dragon, Hookfang, is shedding scales - and that's causing fires in Berk! When an upset Hookfang flies off and disappears, the gang set up a search party. Unfortunately, Alvin the Treacherous is also on the hunt for Hookfang...Who will get to Hookfang first - the Riders or Alvin? Find out in the first exciting Dragons Riders of Berk graphic novel, written by Simon Furman (Transformers, Matt Hatter Chronicles) with incredible art by rising star Iwan Nazif!

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