DreamWorks Animation to Adapt <i>Captain Underpants</i> Book Series

You might not be familiar with Captain Underpants unless you're fairly young or have kids, but he's a pretty big deal. Dav Pilkey's eight-book Captain Underpants series has sold millions and millions of copies -- more than 50 million, to be more precise -- and will soon become a big movie, thanks to a new deal with DreamWorks Animation.

The Captain Underpants books revolve around the adventures of pals Harold and Greg, who created not only their own superhero but also their own comic company. Unfortunately, the school they attend does not support creativity and is run by the nefarious Mr. Benny Kupp. To get revenge on the principal, Harold and Greg hypnotized him into thinking he's actually the Captain, a transformation triggered by the snap of their fingers.

“I never wanted to do a Captain Underpants movie in the past because, frankly, I worried that a movie might not be able to properly convey what I was trying to do with the books," Pilkey said in a statement. "Then I saw How to Train Your Dragon and the Kung Fu Panda movies. I loved the subtle way that morality and personal responsibility were handled in these very funny and exciting adventures. I felt that DreamWorks Animation would be the perfect home for Captain Underpants."

While the movie's story has yet to be revealed, it would stand to reason that it will include elements from the first book, 1997's The Adventures Of Captain Underpants, which features the boys getting detention after pulling a series of pranks and then the in-comic adventures of their creation.

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