DreamWorks Animation Snags Rights To Oni's <i>Maintenance</i>

DreamWorks Animation has bought the movie rights to the Oni Press comedy series Maintenance, Heat Vision reports, snatching it out of turnaround from Warner Bros.

Created by Jim Massey and Robbi Rodriguez, the comic follows the adventures of two custodians who work for TerroMax Inc., the world's biggest and best evil-science think tank. When they're not tackling toxic-spill monsters and time-machine repairs, they have to deal with their boss, mad scientists, jetpack-equipped cavemen, alien repo men and the cute receptionist. Maintenance debuted in December 2006, and has been collected in three volumes. (Comic Book Resources spoke with Massey and Rodriguez around the time the series launched.) You can read a 32-page preview of the first Maintenance collection at the Oni Press website.

Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the property in 2007 to develop as a vehicle for McG (Charlie's Angels, Terminator Salvation). No director is attached to the project at DreamWorks Animation.

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