Dreamwave teams with Hasbro and WotC for 'Duel Masters' comic

Official Press Release

Visitors of the recent San Diego Comic-con were

treated to their first look at DUEL MASTERS, an all-new comic series based

on the upcoming property from Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast.

DUEL MASTERS is a new, multifaceted entertainment property for boys.

Enjoying tremendous success in Japan, the DUEL MASTERS comic series boasts

an estimated 1.6 million readers along with toys, games and other


Leading the charge for DUEL MASTERS' North American release is

Dreamwave Productions, with DUEL MASTERS #1, hitting store shelves this

November. The all-new ongoing comic series by writer Brian Augustyn (Mega

Man, Crimson) and penciler Jeremy Tiongson, promises a thrilling fantasy

adventure for readers of all ages.

"DUEL MASTERS has all of the right elements for a fun, compelling

comic, from a courageous hero at its center, to a fantastic world of

creatures and lands for readers to explore," says Dreamwave President Pat

Lee. "We're pleased to be part of the team that will be bringing DUEL

MASTERS to the North American Audience."

"Dreamwave has done an absolutely fantastic job translating the

TRANSFORMERS saga into a comic book series and they are the ideal choice to

help us launch DUEL MASTERS in the U.S.," said Tom Klusaritz, Vice President

of Publishing for Hasbro Consumer Products.

DUEL MASTERS #1 hits comic book retailers everywhere this November.

DUEL MASTERS #1 will feature 5 covers by the talented Dreamwave crew

including Pat Lee! Each issue will be polybagged containing a "SPECIAL"

insert. There will be 5 different inserts to be collected and each

corresponds to its respective cover. The announcement of these "special

inserts" will happen prior to the series' launch.

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