Dreamwave Announces Talent Search

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Official Press Release

(Quebec City, Quebec) - The newly re-formed Dreamwave, under publisher Christian Dery, is seeking submissions from sequential artists, colorists, and cover illustrators to work on their upcoming line of books which will include re-launches of the "Dark Minds," "Warlands," and "Sandscape" titles.

"Dreamwave is at an interesting place right now," said Dery. "We have been talking to established comic book professionals and getting very positive responses, but we're also interested in supporting and encouraging new talent. I want to get the best people I can on these books, and that means looking at as much material as possible from every source. We're particularly interested in artists with strong narrative storytelling skills, a passion for the science fiction genre, and unique, interesting styles."

Dreamwave will be accepting submissions through January 1st, 2006 with the following guidelines:

1. All submissions should include a cover letter detailing work experience and production methods.

2. Sequential artist and colorists should submit six pages of sequential work.

3. Cover illustrators should submit 5 to 10 illustrations.

Submissions can be e-mailed to submissions@dreamwave.ca though attachments should not exceed 2 megabytes in size. Alternately, material can be mailed to:

Dreamwave Submissions

5600, Des Galeries blvd., Suite 310

Quebec (Quebec)

Canada G2K 2H6

All positions will be work for hire with a guaranteed page rate. Dreamwave is not accepting scripting submissions at this time, though a second talent search is being planned for early 2006 which will focus on writers.

Further details about Dreamwave's re-launch will be made available in the coming weeks. All inquiries should be sent to info@dreamwave.ca
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