Dreamer Design comic book font wins mainstream type competition

Dreamer Design, headquartered in Topanga California, was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the TDC2 2002 Type Design Competition, sponsored by the Type Directors Club. Of 119 submissions from 15 countries, 15 entries were selected by the jury to represent the best in type design for the year 2001. No rankings are assigned in the TDC competitions. Winning entries will be included in the 2002 TDC Annual, Typography 23, and will tour with the TDC48 Typography exhibition. The exhibition will open in the summer of 2002 in New York, and will continue to Europe, Japan and South America.

Dreamer DD, the winning font designed by Robin Spehar, has been seen in Image Comic's 'G.I. Joe', and Dreamwave Production's 'Transformers' comic books. "This is a major victory for the entire sequential art industry. It is rare for a comic book style piece of art to win a mainstream design competition," said Jennifer Bruce, Executive Director of Dreamer Design. "We have been very focused on bringing a comic book inspired design style to the rest of the world. Our designs have been seen in Maxim Magazine and in music videos, as well as motion pictures and television."

Robin Spehar, Creative Director of Dreamer Design, and designer of the winning font announced, "In celebration of this occasion, we are having a sale on all of our fonts this spring. You can buy any Dreamer Design font at a 40% Discount. This is not just my victory, it is a victory for every artist who has dedicated themselves to the comic book art-form"

Below is an example of the winning font, which can be seen online at www.tdc.org, and also purchased at www.dreamerdesign.com.

About Dreamer Design:

Dreamer Design is a small graphic design firm specializing in typography and type design. Comic Books featuring the Dreamer DD font include 'G.I. Joe', produced by Devil's Due Publishing, 'Transformers', produced by Dreamwave Productions, and 'Universe', produced by Top Cow Productions.

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