Dreamchilde Press debuts "Quantum: Rock of Ages" Graphic Novel

Official Press Release

New York Publisher/Writer Philip Clark announces two milestones from his Dreamchilde Press. Dreamchilde's flagship title, "QUANTUM: Rock of Ages" will be released to comic book stores across the country this Wednesday, November 10, as a highly anticipated trade paperback. QUANTUM also goes into publication electronically this month, with back-issues available on the World Wide Web. Hailed by readers, reviewers, and comic pros alike, QUANTUM: Rock of Ages is gaining ground as one of indie comics' best new series.

Part Clerks, part Sliders, QUANTUM: Rock of Ages – Act 1 follows the adventures of Nick Vargas, a jaded musician turned record-store owner. Nick is unwittingly taken on the ultimate cross-time thrill ride due to a time experiment gone awry in an alternate reality. His goal is to reassemble the Quantum Silica--an ancient and powerful artifact that has been split into seven fragments--in order to repair time and space before all existence ends. During his quest he encounters other characters that are also affected by the bizarre gemstone. Each fragment of the "Quantum" sphere offers a unique power to Nick and his counterparts, and the Quantum needs to be reassembled before Nick can return to his record store reality. Toss in a diabolical nemesis and some quirky pop-culture humor, and QUANTUM makes for a highly enjoyable ride.

In addition to the magnificent art by Ozzy Longoria and James Rodriguez, QUANTUM: Rock of Ages - Act 1 also features bonus material: character bios, self-publishing tips, and a sketchbook of comicdom's hottest talent including David Mack (Kabuki), Jim Calafiore (Exiles), Mark Texeira (Sabertooth), Andy McDonald (NYC Mech), Jamal Igle (Green Lantern), Andy Lee (Marvel Team-up) and more!

"This is the type of comic book that is impossible to put down."-Silver Bullet Comics

"Philip Clark is an up and coming creator to watch out for."-David Mack

"Fun, utterly unpredictable, and marching to its own beat."-Newsarama

QUANTUM: Rock of Ages also finds a home for its back issue catalogue on the web. QUANTUM #1 is now viewable at http://drunkduck.com, with new pages posted every Wednesday and Saturday. Now is your chance to see where the adventure begins!

The Dreamchilde Press team of Philip Clark, James Rodriguez and Peter Palmiotti will be attending the National Comic Book, Art, and Sci-Fi Expo in New York City November 19-21. Look for them at the Comic Art Guild booth.

QUANTUM: Rock of Ages - Act 1 trade paperback (166 pages, $14.99. PREVIEWS order #AUG042683) is available to order from Diamond Distribution, Cold Cut Distribution, FM Distribution and online.More information can be found at http://quantumcomic.net.

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