Dream Fonts for sale at San Diego Comic Con

Official Press Release

The long wait for high quality designer fonts with a comic book sensibility is at an end, as Dreamer Design launches its line of professional fonts at this year's San Diego Comic Con International. "For years we've been deluged with requests from small, independent comic publishers to purchase our fonts. Our dedication to the art and skill of lettering made us hesitate to offer these tools, but we understand the financial constraints on those individuals struggling to get their books off the ground. We want to help people fulfill their dreams of producing a comic book, just as we've been able to fulfill our dreams through this company," said Jennifer Bruce, Executive Director of Dreamer Design.

The "dream team" of fonts offered for sale will include Optimus, a balloon font, It's Evil, Hal, and Pikehand, three 'character' fonts, four sound effect fonts, and a couple of surprises. According to Dreamer's Creative Director, Robin Spehar, "These tools are without equal in the industry and will give those without the resources to hire a professional letterer a chance to release a product with a professional feel." The fonts will be on sale at Dreamer Design's booth or through their website at www.dreamerdesign.com after July 19, 2001 and will initially retail for $50 to $200.

"We consider this just one more offering in a service line designed to make it easier for people to have the best looking designs possible. We will continue to provide the same affordable artistic comic book lettering with the fastest turnaround times possible, as well as graphic design, layouts, logos, letter treatments, paste-up, production, and web design. Basically, if you have a dream for a book, we can offer the tools and expertise to make that dream a reality."

Dreamer Design was founded in 1997 in order to bring the art of lettering back to comics. Since then they have become known for beautiful artistic lettering at an affordable rate and a quick turnaround. Their clients include, Top Cow Productions, DC Comics, Avalon Studios, Tidal Wave Studios, Hurricane Comics, Endless Horizons, Fanboy Entertainment and Stormworks Productions.

Source: Dreamer Design

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