Dream Cast: Who Should Star As Marvels' <i>Runaways</i>

Now that it's official that Marvel's first true Marvel/Disney co-production - as well as first post-Avengers project - will be the much-anticipated Runaways, we're wondering: Who should star in the movie?

It's somewhere between obvious corporate synergy and mild contrariness, but personally, I want to see the main roles handled by various Disney Channel moppets showing if they've got dramatic chops past High School Musical or Jonas or whatever; give me Demi Lovato (with a dye job) as Karolina! One of the Sprouse twins as Chase! I'm running out of Disney actors I'm familiar with for the other roles, but I'd be very surprised if there's not a good Molly Hayes somewhere in there! That said, I'd look elsewhere for Nico - Specifically, Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz. I have no idea why, but I think she'd be great in the role.

Meanwhile, the parents offer the best chance to get some well-known faces in the movie, and I'd look to the Harry Potter movies for guidance on how to do this properly: Character actors who can handle the required melodrama-without-overacting, and who aren't well-known enough to overshadow the main characters in the movie - Or, alternatively, go for the geek-friendly actors who always seem to be everywhere but don't have a permanent home these days (Why, hello, James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter as Chase's parents. I'm sure the Buffy fans in the audience would be happy to see you).

But that's enough about my random plans - What (and who) would you want to see heading up the Runaways movie? Fill the comments with your ideas, and hope someone from Marvel is reading.

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