Dreadstar: The Beginning - Hardcover

Story by
Art by
Jim Starlin
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Featuring stunning art and a powerful, cosmic story that reaches above and beyond the comic book genre itself, Jim Starlin's complete Metamorphosis Odyssey is presented here, fully remastered as part of Dynamite Entertainment's continuing Dreadstar library.

Creator, writer, and artist Jim Starlin spans the galaxy within these pages, confronting the very fundamentals of life and the universe and introducing a new and enduring hero - Vanth Dreadstar.

Remastered for the very first time - a process personally overseen by creator Jim Starlin - this incredible hardcover collection reprints the entirety of "The Metamorphosis Odyssey" (from Epic Illustrated #1-9), "The Price" Graphic Novel, The "Dreadstar" Graphic Novel and Starlin's contributions to Epic Illustrated #12.

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