Dreadstar December -- Dreadstar #26

Some people gonna die!

Dreadstar #26 ("The Execution!") by Jim Starlin is the book's final issue published by Epic Comics. In his recent The Art of Jim Starlin book, Starlin said it had to do with constant late payments that he chalked up to pissing off someone in accounting. His relationship with editorial was apparently strong, but the other stuff took its toll and he didn't want to deal with it anymore. So, what could he do in his final issue for Epic but end on a giant cliffhanger? Because that's how you leave a company!

Dreadstar and Company are set to be blown up on intergalatic television on an abandoned planet. It's an interesting form of execution. As it goes down, the crew keep looking to Dreadstar for the moment to make the big escape. Meanwhile, Mezlo continues his mischief by piloting the Omega Vessel into the atmosphere of the planet and the bad guys begin to suspect that maybe Mezlo isn't with them anymore. Good bet, because when they move to detonate the bomb... it blows up the Destroyer! The bomb was a fake! Everyone is saved -- by Mezlo! What happens isn't as important as how Starlin builds to that moment. Mezlo acting like a crazy person all while being all "The ship is malfunctioning! It's experimental! This is why we test things!" The tension builds partly depending on how much you trust Dreadstar. If you still have faith in him, it's not as bad as if you've come to the conclusion that he is a poor choice of leader. Skeevo seems ready to kill him, before he tries to kill Mezlo.

There's also an element of how much do you trust Starlin? Is it within the possibility that he'd just kill everyone off in his final issue for Epic? Do you think him capable of that sort of act? I do... I'm glad he didn't do it, though. Instead, he opts for something almost more shocking with a final page reveal of why Dreadstar was willing to trust Mezlo.

Mezlo was Oedi.

Tomorrow: say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

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