Dreadstar December -- Dreadstar #12

Vanth Dreadstar gets a new outfit... and Starlin doesn't even put it on the cover.

Dreadstar #12 ("Slasher!") by Jim Starlin is something of a nothing issue. He tries to work with the new status quo of the Instrumentality ruling the galaxy, but doesn't do anything too interesting. Vanth tries to talk the Commune into siding with the rebel forces, Starlin makes a Star Wars joke by having the crew go as Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewie to disguise themselves, and Tuetun returns... only to fall off a building and crush a serial killer that Starlin begins the issue with. It's an uneven issue that doesn't seem to know what it wants to do. As such, I'll handle this one bullet point style:

* Vanth gets a new costume, one more befitting a superhero. He immediately mocks it and I see this as Starlin hating the idea, but Marvel requesting it to help bolster sales somehow. After all, if he looks more like a superhero, people were bound to buy the comic, right?

* Oedi's leg injury isn't healing properly, which is an excuse to introduce Doctor Delphi, a man from Willow's past and new addition to the crew. He's in love with her and makes an alright addition.

* We see what looks to be another member of the Lord High Papal's father's race. Weird.

* Starlin's art is really fucking good here. Nice, fluid line work, dynamic compositions. He's clearly enjoying himself just having a fun little story.

* Tuetun is Starlin just taking the piss out of the Hulk and it's funny at times. Like when Tuetun lunges at Skeevo and yells "TUETUN GRAB!"

* Skeevo saves the day accidentally. And brags heavily about it. He's such a fun scamp.

* Despite this being a fun issue with some developments, it doesn't feel like one that 'matters' or offers anything beyond the surface. I guess after last few issues that's understandable, but, still, a little disappointing.

Tomorrow: something with more substance.

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