Drawn & Quarterly To Donate 10% of APE Sales to the Fund!

Official Press Release

This just in from Liz Walker at D&Q:

How appropriate that the Alternative Press Expo, a celebration of cartooning in the margins, is held in San Francisco every year, the birthplace of underground comix. How disappointing it is to us that Canada Customs has determined that a book collecting the history of that vibrant period in popular art history should be seized as obscene. The latest book to be seized is Rebel Visions: The Underground Comix Revolution 1967-1972 by Patrick Rosencranz, published by our friends at Fantagraphics.

Canada has always taken a great deal of pride in its progressive and liberal values, especially with regards to art and literature. Unfortunately the practices of Canada Customs belies those values with its seizure practices.

Drawn & Quarterly will be making a donation of 10% of its gross sales at APE to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, as a gesture of thanks and appreciation to this outstanding organization for defends all creators and producers from persecution.

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