Drawn & Quarterly Presents Gabrielle Bell At NYC's Hanleys, 12/20/06

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Don't miss Gabrielle Bell signing her latest graphic novel LUCKY in NYC at Jim Hanley's Universe (4 West 33rd St) on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 from 6:00-8:00PM.

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""Lucky" is also a startling achievement: a coming-of-age tale -- from hipster Williamsburg, no less -- told without a whisper of irony."­Boston Globe

"With a selective eye for detail and a knack for capturing tart dialogue, Bell squeezes joy from an underemployed and under realized 20-something existence. A-"­Washington Post

"I think Bell's comics are tremendously and frequently funny in a way that most other cartoonists barely manage, a humor that comes out of deadpan depictions of people behaving just a tiny bit like buffoons, and a sensitivity towards how a lot of people can careen back and forth between avoidance and confrontation."­The Comics Reporter

"[Bell's comics] are palpably real and eloquently understated, with neither a wasted word nor an extra line."­Booklist

"Brief tales of yoga roommate miscommunication, ignorant comics buyers, the anguish of nude modeling, and sex-obsessed, adolescent art students radiate good humor and are sure to resonate with a certain stripe of well-educated, underemployed 20 something comic reader. Lucky is yet another sophisticated, nuanced pleasure."­Publishers Weekly

Gabrielle Bell fascinatingly documents the details of her below-minimum wage, twenty-something existence in Brooklyn, NY with a subtle humor. Her simple, unadorned drawing style, heavy narration and biting wit chronicles transient roommates who communicate only through post-it notes; aspiring artists who sublet tiny rooms in leaky, greasy broken-down border-house loft apartments crawling with bugs, cats and bad art. Bell tackles a string of forgettable, unrelated jobs including nude modeling, artist¹s assistant, art teacher, and jewelry maker that only serve to bolster her despair, boredom and discomfort in her own skin. Bell¹s self-scrutiny leads her to dream sequences that allow her to rise above her banal actuality and hyper-awareness. Bell fantasizes about her vision of a perfect world as she becomes the accomplished artist and world traveler she longs to be. Bell¹s daily comics allow her to escape the harsh, judgmental gaze of the world and the monotony of daily life. Her unpolished art speaks to a desire to record all the messy details while the pain and confusion is still fresh.

Cartoonist Gabrielle Bell has been creating her comics to much acclaim, even winning an Ignatz Award for the self-published serialization of Lucky.

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