Drawn &amp; Quarterly announces <i>Daybreak</i>...sorta

Maybe it was the sharpened instincts I gained from reading Brian Ralph's first-person POV post-apocalyptic thriller Daybreak, which uses that unique videogame-style eye-view perspective to put you in the middle of the action like no other comic from the zombie craze. Or maybe I'm just a good guesser. But when Ralph (an alumnus of the ultra-influential Providence art/comics/music collective Fort Thunder) started posting never-before-seen Daybreak cover sketches to the New Bodega blog last week, I had a hunch this meant that the acclaimed three-part series had a collected edition in its future. Now Drawn & Quarterly's Tom Devlin confirms the upcoming creation of a Daybreak hardcover, kinda, with a series of rhetorical questions: "Next Fall?...Additional epilogue? Deluxe hard cover treatment? Comic-Con debut? Are these things in the offing from D+Q?" I'll bet my right arm that the answer to all these questions is "yes"...

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