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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Who Are You REALLY, Superman?

by  in Comic News Comment
Drawing Crazy Patterns – Who Are You REALLY, Superman?

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Here is an archive of all the patterns we’ve spotlighted so far.

Today and yesterday spotlight patterns involving Lois Lane. Today, we examine Lois’ famous obsession with finding out Superman’s secret identity. Here are five examples!


Lois Lane #11 was my best friend. I could have done this feature on JUST that issue, as Lois Lane tries five different times to prove Clark Kent is Superman (or maybe just four times, I forget). I decided to just go with three of them.

Here is the first…

I especially love how precise Lois is with her explanation for what Superman did. I guess she DOES have a pretty good deductive mind!

Next, we have a pretty disturbing scene…

“I’ll just knock you guys out so I can keep my privacy.”

And I love how Lois and Clark are caught in this high stakes game of chicken. Poor Jimmy! It’s like, “Shut up, Jimmy, Lois and I are mind-screwing each other! Sorry you got caught up in this.”

And, finally, once again, Lois figures out EXACTLY what Superman did.

After that tension, the issue ends on a pretty lackluster resolution…

A balloon? Seriously?

And I love how Superman ends the issue basically, like, “Oh Lois, how I enjoy messing with you.” That was actually a fairly healthy part of Lois and Clark’s relationship back then. They “burned” each other a lot.

In Lois Lane #22, Lois gets X-Ray glasses.

She then figures she has to PROVE it to herself…

I love how the stuff with the glasses was just total superfluous stuff just for Clark to mess with Lois’ head. His excuse the whole time was “Superman lent me his costume” and yet he goes through this elaborate routine where he steals her X-Ray glasses just so that he can fool her into thinking she’s totally outed him as Superman.

In Superman #128, we see Lois be the bigger jerk. She wins a contest that involves a movie company doing stuff for her. She uses this prize to pull a total mind-screw on Superman.

Really, Lois? REALLY? You’re going to mess with the guy’s head and get his hopes up just to learn his secret identity? Man, that’s messed up.

It continues for awhile until it works…

Of course, Superman fools her, with a little help from his ol’ Bat-buddy…

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