Drawing Crazy Patterns - The Helicarrier Crashing

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today, based on a suggestion from reader Taylor Porter, we look at five times that the Helicarrier has crashed.


The SHIELD Helicarrier is their famous flying aircraft carrier. Designed by Jack Kirby, it has been with SHIELD ever since they debuted. Over the years, a number of comics have decided to go with the (very awesome) visual of the Helicarrier crashing.

One of the first and, I daresay, likely the greatest of the SHIELD Helicarrier crashes came in 1985, in Marvel Graphic Novel #18. John Byrne felt that something like the Helicarrier crashing should be treated like a BIG DEAL, and he definitely did so in this issue (which starred She-Hulk getting caught up with some bad guy invading SHIELD's Helicarrier).

(click on the above double page splash, and all the double page splashes below, to enlarge the image)

In 2005, Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. brought the Helicarrier crashing to the ground when the Hand and their army of re-animated super beings attacked it in Wolverine #27...

In early 2008, the Red Hulk brought the latest SHIELD Helicarrier down to Earth in the pages of Hulk #2...

A few months later, a Skrull invasion brought the OTHER SHIELD Helicarrier down in Secret Invasion #1...

In 2010's Siege #4, Iron Man uses the current Helicarrier (then operated by HAMMER, SHIELD's successor) to attack the Sentry, who has gone over the deep end and become the evil Void...

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