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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Last Page Magneto Reveals

by  in Comic News Comment
Drawing Crazy Patterns – Last Page Magneto Reveals

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today, based on a suggestion from reader David P. (who previously suggested the Elektra’s Magic Sais installment), we feature five instances where Magneto is dramatically revealed on the final page of an X-Men comic book.


First off, in a bit of a break from normal procedure, I’m going to show you a moment I think is really awesome that I’m not sure if it fits here, so I’m not going to count it as one of the five. Here is the end of X-Men #62, which played off of the fact that we had never seen Magneto without his helmet, so we had no idea that this grey-haired fellow who was helping Angel out all issue long was anything but a nice guy until we see the final lines…

If I was short a reveal, I think I could sell that page as a reveal, but since I have five, I’ll just give it to you as a bonus!

The first dramatic last page Magneto reveal came in X-Men #17, as a bad guy is slowly picking off the X-Men. His face and body is always either in shadows or off panel as he does his dirty work. Until the final page, that is…

Perhaps the most famous last page Magneto reveal happened at the end of X-Men #111, an issue where the X-Men face off against Mesmero only to see someone else at the end of the issue…

The least sinister (but still quite dramatic) last page Magneto reveal on this list happened in Uncanny X-Men #148, when Cyclops and Lee Forrester washed up on a strange and seemingly deserted island. They soon find out whose island it is…

In Uncanny X-Men #350, the “Trial of Gambit” is held by the mysterious Erik the Red. At the end of the issue, “Erik”‘s facade is lifted…

Finally, one of the most awesome last page Magneto reveals occurred in New X-Men #146, when new X-Men member Xorn starts acting strangely…

If you have a suggestion for a future Drawing Crazy Patterns installment, e-mail me at

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