Drawing Crazy Patterns - Green Lantern Head Trauma

Here is a new bit. Much like how I would post themed covers in the Cool Comic Cover Gallery, in this bit, I will post a themed group of five interior comic book scenes/moments. Click here to see the groups already featured so far.

We begin with five Silver Age panels featuring Hal Jordan getting whacked on the head!


One of the more interesting things about Hal Jordan during the Silver Age is that despite having this super-powerful Green Lantern ring, he still managed to get whacked on the head with some frequency. Here are five instances of this happening (and just from the first sixteen issues of his own title!)

From issue #5..

From #7...

From #12...

From #13...

From #16...

"My only weaknesses are the color yellow...and my own incompetence!"

If you'd like to see another group of themed panels, send me your ideas at bcronin@comicbookresourcs.com!

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