Drawing Crazy Patterns - Green Arrow Quitting the Justice League

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today, anything Hawkeye can do, so can Green Arrow (and often first), so here are five instances of Green Arrow(s) quitting Justice League(s)!


First we have Justice League of America #61...

This story then goes off on a delightfully bizarre tangent. I'll have to feature it some day. Suffice it to say that Green Arrow's departure is short-lived.

Longer-lived was his departure in Justice League of America #181...

This time around he was gone for almost 20 issues before returning to the fold.

He stuck around until Aquaman disbanded the League and would only allow members who were willing to make the Justice League their top priority join the new league he was forming. Green Arrow could not say that it would be, so he did not make the new team.

I don't really think that qualifies as quitting, so I'm not counting it. It is worth noting, though.

Ollie would not re-join the League for nearly two more decades (unless you count a short stint with Justice League Task Force), but in the meantime, his son, Connor Hawke, did join the newly reformed Justice League of America (back when Ollie was dead), but did not last very long...

A returned from the dead Ollie joined the JLA for a mission when the main members of the team went missing, but when the main guys returned, Ollie left. I don't think that is quitting, either.

Soon after, though, Ollie joined up with the new team, the Justice League Elite.

Just four issues into that title...

After the events of Identity Crisis, Green Arrow re-joined the Justice League, but in an amusing twist, everyone ELSE quit, leaving just Ollie and Black Canary left, at which point they disbanded the team (since, you know, two heroes is not a "Justice League").

When the Justice League started up again after Infinite Crisis, Ollie was not initially a member, but eventually effectively joined.

Just in time to quit!

In Cry for Justice #1, after the events of Final Crisis (when the Martian Manhunter and Batman seemingly died), Hal Jordan was pissed off and he wanted, you know, JUSTICE!!!!! Then this happened...

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