Drawing Crazy Patterns - Did Anyone Ever Tell You That You Look Like Superman?

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today, based on a suggestion by Keith Alan Morgan, I am featuring five stories with character who are nearly identical twins of Superman.


In Jimmy Olsen #28, these bad guys are hypnotizing Jimmy Olsen so that Jimmy spends all of his money, forcing him to start selling his possessions. This is all part of the following elaborate plan...

Their plan would only work because Lefty Blake does, indeed, look just like Superman. But boy what a dumb plan.

In Lois Lane #2, Lois is duped into thinking that the Daily Planet's elevator guy is really Superman.

Again, it only works because he does look just like Superman.

The very next issue of Lois Lane has Lois fall in love with a guy who, in a twist, looks just like Clark Kent...

He, too, has a secret, though, and Lois can't help but figure out what it is. I recommend that you do not read Lois Lane #3, as the ending is extremely f'd up. Even for a Lois Lane comic book, it was just plain ol' cruel.

In Action Comics #273, Supergirl finds herself on the planet Terra, where a familiar looking fellow is Marvel Man on this world (the weird thing is that I don't think it is actually a commentary on Captain Marvel, oddly enough)...

Three issues later, the Superman Emergency Squad debuts...

Why they all have to look like Superman is beyond me.

How that many Kandorians happen to look just like Superman is, again, beyond me.

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