Drawing Crazy Patterns - Comic Creators Officiating Superhero Weddings

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Here is an archive of all the patterns we've spotlighted so far.

This time around, in honor of Valentine's Day today, we'll go with the surprisingly common trope of comic creators officiating superhero weddings.

First up is Peter David officiating the wedding of Marlo Chandler and Rick Jones in 1994's Incredible Hulk #418 (by David, Gary Frank and Cam Smith...as an aside, I just pulled that issue number and the creative team out of my head - it is weird the random stuff you can recall)...

Next is Jerry Siegel officiating the wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in 1996's Superman: The Wedding Album (by the writing staff of the Superman books at the time - Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Karl Kesel, David Michelinie and Roger Stern and artists Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway for this specific section of the book)

Next up, Stan Lee retroactively performs the wedding of James Hudson and Heather MacNeil in 1997's Alpha Flight:In the Beginning #-1 (by Steven Seagle and Anthony Winn plus a bunch of inkers)....

(then they flash back to the story of how they got together and then pick back up with the rest of the wedding...)

Stan Lee is at it again when he officiated Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' wedding in 2006's New Avengers Annual #1 (by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel)...

I could only find four examples in the comics themselves, but CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching gave me a good idea for a fifth one, Deadpool co-writer Brian Posehn officiated the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm in 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer...

If you can think of a fifth example from an actual comic book, let me know and I'll add it in there!

If you have an idea for a FUTURE edition of Drawing Crazy Patterns, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.

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