Drawing Crazy Patterns - CLAREMONTISM: The X-Men Playing Baseball

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today we look at five instances of the X-Men playing baseball. This includes ALL FOUR of the times that Claremont had the X-Men play baseball!


Can you believe that Claremont only had the X-Men play baseball four times?

The first time was in X-Men #110...

The second time was in X-Men Annual #7, they are at it again...

Next time was Uncanny X-Men #201....

The final time was when Claremont returned to Uncanny X-Men in 2004 with #444 and you could almost tell that it was a bit of a "hey, everything old is new again" type of deal....


Even though he had them play baseball just four times, it was such an excellent use of characterization that fans quickly picked up on it as a quintessential Claremontian device. It really was a neat idea.

Scott Lobdell, always one for character moments himself, had a great X-Men baseball game of his own in Uncanny X-Men #325...

By the way, while Claremont only had the X-Men play baseball three times during his initial run, the X-Men DID play baseball in a story during Claremont's run that he did NOT write. Can you name which one (note that I mean the X-Men proper, not the New Mutants or any other groups of mutants)?

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