Drawing Crazy Patterns: A Collection of Claremontisms

We routinely collect examples of repetitive themes in comic books and post at least five examples of each one. We have a whole archive of them here. A number of them involve Chris Claremont's "Claremontisms." There are enough of them that I figured it might be wise to include them in their own special sub-archive, so here they are!

1. The Focused Totality of Psylocke’s Telepathic Powers!

2. The X-Men Playing Baseball

3. Cannonball Explaining That He Is Near Invulnerable When He is “Blastin’”

4. Wolverine and Colossus Execute the Fastball Special!

5. “No Quarter Asked, None Given”

6. “Bang. You Dead!”

7. “Body and Soul”

8. "I'm the best there is at what I do."

9. "I Got Better"

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