10 Things About Daken That Even Wolverine Doesn’t Know

Wolverine has been alive for over a century. During that time he has become one of the most formidable heroes in the entire Marvel universe. Whether fighting alongside the Avengers, X-Men or simply working alone, Wolverine is always sure to make the bad guy pay.

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In his long history, there are many mysteries that have plagued Wolverine. Most of this is due to the fact that he suffered from amnesia for quite a long time. One of these mysteries came back to haunt him in the form of his long-lost son, Daken. Here are ten things about Daken that even Wolverine, his own dad, doesn't know.

10 The Celestial Death Seed


In a final battle with his father, Daken was finally killed. Wolverine shoved the murderous mutants head into a puddle of water, drowning him. It was an epic, emotional battle that left Wolverine devastated.

What the X-Men leader didn't know, however, was that Daken would be brought back using the powerful Celestial Death Seeds. A cosmic relic forged by the Celestials, the Death Seeds have the power to resurrect and enhance a being's powers.

9 Seduced Marcus Roston

Daken in bed with Marcus Roston

Hoping to become the criminal king of Hollywood's underworld, Daken made his way to Los Angeles. After the fall of the supervillain group known as the Pride, it seemed apparent to Daken that L.A. was up for the taking. Upon arriving, he was told that a famous A-List actor, Marcus Roston, knew who was now pulling the strings in Hollywood's underbelly.

Instead of torturing him for the information, Daken seduced Roston and became his lover. This revealed a big secret to the readers: Daken is bi-sexual. The fact that he seduced a famous Hollywood actor is definitely something his father doesn't know.

8 Addicted To "The Heat"

While on his mission in L.A., Daken got addicted to a drug known as "Heat." Oddly enough, even though his healing factor should have negated most of the effects of the drug, it did not.

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It turns out that Daken didn't just want to take control of Hollywood's underworld. His other motivation was to find and gain access to whoever is producing "Heat." That way he could continue to feed his addiction without having to find a seller. It turns out heat pills are created using non-human blood, explaining why his healing factor could not subdue the effects.

7  7. Takes Over Madripoor's Criminal Underworld

Shortly before his stint in California, Daken made it his mission to become the crime lord of Madripoor. The crazed mutant systematically debilitates any rival criminal organizations in the city, either killing their members or forcing them to join his crusade.

By the end, Daken had taken all of Madripoor and had only one left enemy to contend with: Tan Kim Seng. A former associate of Wolverine's, it was Tan that hurt Daken the most. He told the young mutant that he would always be living in his father's shadow. Because of this, Daken left Madripoor and headed to L.A., hoping to carve out his own legacy.

6 Took On The Pride

The Pride is one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in all of Marvel comics. Their power and influence seemingly knew no bounds. They have members from other planets, mutants, and even super-geniuses.

When Daken heard that the group had been broken up, he assumed that L.A. was ripe for the taking. This ended up not being the case. It turns out remnants of the Pride remained in the city, and Daken had to fight them for control.

5 Teamed Up With The Runaways

The Pride's children, upon learning that their parents were supervillains, ran away. Forming their own teenage superhero team known as the Runaways, these kids decided to use their collective powers and abilities to fight back against their parents and right their many wrongs.

When Daken learned about the Pride and their conflict with the Runaways, he actually teamed up with the young super team. If the Runaways had known Daken's true nature they never would have associated with him. Fortunately for Daken, they had no idea how truly twisted he really was.

4 Fell In Love With An FBI Agent

When bodies started piling up in Los Angeles, the Feds starting asking questions. More specifically, Agent Donna Kiel of the F.B.I. was assigned to the case. Upon investigating the murders, Donna runs into Daken. The two then fall in love.

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Their tryst was short-lived. Upon realizing Daken was a vicious murderer, and that was never going to change, Donna rejects him. This actually leaves Daken somewhat heartbroken. While he pretended to have feelings for Roston just to use him, when it came to Donna, Daken's feelings were actually authentic.

3 Teamed Up With X-23

X-23, also known as Laura Kinney, is a female genetic clone of Wolverine. Because of this, Wolverine has taken it upon himself to be a bit of a mentor to the young woman. This has lead to a lot of conflict between her and Wolverine's actual son, Daken.

Hoping to track down one of the villainous scientists behind Weapon X, Daken and X-23 actually decided to team up. While Daken is traditionally a psychopathic villain, X-23 has always been more of a hero, making this team up quite surprising.

2 Murdered The Punisher

When Norman Osborn formed his Dark Avengers, he put several different supervillains in the role of their superhero counterparts. Bullseye was the new Hawkeye. Venom was the new Spider-Man. Lastly, and most fittingly, Daken replaced his father as this Avengers team's new Wolverine.

During one of his missions with the team, Daken was sent to take out Frank Castle. While Frank put up a good fight, eventually Daken got the better of the Punisher and killed him.

1 Killed His Adoptive Family

Wolverine vs Daken

As a baby, Daken was placed on the doorstep of a young Japanese couple. Although he is loved by his parents, all the other members of the community look down on him because of his mixed heritage.

Upon hearing his mother say she does not love him and is pregnant with a new child, Daken begins an evil plan. He killed the baby, and then accidentally killed his mother. Devastated, his adoptive father committed suicide. This is by far Daken's darkest secret, and Wolverine has no idea what his son is truly capable of.

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