Dragon Ball Super: Top 10 Best Fights In The Tournament of Power

With the English Dub version of Dragon Ball Super coming to a close in the next few weeks, we here at CBR decided to take a look back at the series' last major arc, the Universe Survival Saga (or Tournament of Power). For those not in the know, the Tournament of Power brings together the greatest fighters in the 12 universes and pits them against each other in a team battle-royale.

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The losing teams will have their universe erased from existence while the winner will be allowed one wish from the Super Dragon Balls. For this list, we decided to take a look at the ten best fights that took place during this climactic final story arc in Dragon Ball Super.

Suffice it to say; we're issuing a big SPOILER ALERT if you've only been keeping up with the dub on Toonami.

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10 Goku & Hit vs. Dyspo & K'nsi

When Goku and Hit first met in Super, it was in a tournament pitting Universe 7 against Universe 8, with the latter being under the jurisdiction of Beerus' brother, Destroyer God Champa. After having their match interrupted by the two brothers, Goku quits and hopes to have a rematch someday. Since then, Goku and Hit have gained mutual respect and hope to have a rematch in the Tournament of Power.

While this never happened, the two were able to team up during the battle royale. During a tense battle between Hit and Dyspo, Universe 11's K'nsi aids his teammate, leading to Hit being pushed into a corner. Luckily, Goku saves Hit just in time with his Super Saiyan God mode. Dyspo manages to escape to fight another day, and Goku was able to knock K'nsi out of the ring. It's a great fight that shows off how Goku and Hit have grown since they last met.

9 Master Roshi vs. Ganos

Roshi may be a perverted old man, but he's still the closest thing Goku has to a living father figure. After years of sticking to the side-lines, the Turtle Hermit got to show off his stuff again in the ToP. One of his last fights was against a much younger opponent, Ganos of Universe 4. While Ganos proved to be much stronger than Roshi, the senior fighter had one thing that his opponent doesn't have: Experience.

With that and a powerful Kamehameha, Roshi was able to knock Ganos out of the ring, although the attack nearly killed Roshi. It's a fight that shows you shouldn't underestimate your elders, as they can be just as strong as any young whipper-snapper.

8 Hit vs. Jiren

After Jiren defeats Goku in their first fight, Hit decides to pay Goku back and save him from elimination. While the assassin from Universe 8 tries to take on Jiren, the proud trooper is far too powerful for Hit's time skip abilities.

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Jiren can quickly predict where Hit is about to strike and is even able to walk off Hit's strongest move (literally). The battle sadly results in Hit's elimination and shows that even time can't keep up with Jiren's power.

7 Goku & Vegeta vs. Universe 9

One of the earliest fights' in the ToP is also one of it's best. In an attempt to get revenge after tasting defeat during the tournament's preliminaries, Universe 9 launches a full assault against Goku. While the Super Saiyan holds his own against the Trio of Danger, it's when the rest of Universe 9 start to tag in that gives Goku trouble, prompting Vegeta to intervene.

While the devious Universe 9 warriors try their best, they're no match against Earth's two mightiest fighters. Featuring the same over-the-top action Dragon Ball is known for, this fight made for one of the shows best bouts.

6 Gohan & Frieza vs. Dyspo

With only three fighters from Universe 10 left, Frieza decides to pick a fight with the self-proclaimed "Fastest fighter in the Multi-verse." While Frieza appears to have the upper hand, Dyspo shows off his true speed, causing Gohan to aid the tyrant of his universe.

Thankfully, Gohan and Frieza trap Dyspo long enough for Frieza to eliminate him. Unfortunately, Gohan is also removed from the tournament. The battle features some entertaining moments, especially when Frieza traps Dyspo in an energy cage.

5 Universe 7 vs. Universe 3

While Universe 10 relaxes, the then remaining members of Universe 7 (Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, and Androids 17 and 18) take on the remaining robots of Universe 3. While the two teams trade blows with one another, U3 combines to form the powerful Agnilasa. During the fight, 18 is eliminated, and Agnilasa attempts to destroy the ring.

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With their powers combined, Universe 7 manages to prevail, eliminating Universe 3 from the tournament. While Goku has faced some robots in his time, he never imagined fighting robots that can present a challenge to Super Saiyan Blue.

4 Vegeta, 17, & Frieza vs. Toppo

While Toppo - Top in the English Dub - was shown to be Universe 10's most proud member, he also holds a dark secret. Toppo has been chosen as a potential candidate to become the next God of Destruction for Universe 10. Because of this, he's able to harness the power of a destroyer and throws away his pride to win.

While Frieza and 17 try, the two are unable to defeat this powerful foe. Luckily, Vegeta manages to intervene and eliminates Toppo with his Final Explosion, the same technique that killed him against Majin Buu.

Remember kids, don't throw away your principles for power.

3 Goku vs. Jiren (Round 1)

Jiren has proven to be a mighty warrior, but it wasn't until he first went up against Goku that audiences got a taste of Jiren's real power. While Goku tries pretty much everything, including Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb, he is unable to lay a single blow on Jiren.

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Just as Jiren thinks he has won, Goku somehow taps into the power of Ultra Instinct. It's here where we get a taste of Goku's newest transformation. Sadly, it doesn't last that long, as Goku powers down before he can land a powerful blow and ends up losing.

2 Goku vs. Kefla

When the chips are down, Goku and Vegeta usually turn to fusion as a last resort. However, things don't go so well when they have to fight against a fused fighter. After Goku beats Caulifla and Kale, the two female Saiyans combine to form Kefla.

While Goku gives it his all, it's not enough against the fusion warrior....that is until he's able to summon his Ultra Instinct power again and eliminates Kefla using a Kamehameha wave, which also manages to be one of the best moments in all of Dragon Ball.

1 Goku vs. Jiren (Round 2)

Even after Vegeta gives Goku the last of his strength before being eliminated from the tournament, it's still not enough for Goku to face Jiren. But, just like last time, Goku is able to transform into his Ultra Instinct mode and even the playing field. As the battle rages on, Goku achieves a higher form and shortly masters Ultra Instinct. It leads to some of the best action the franchise has ever put to animation.

While Goku isn't able to sustain this Ultra Instinct power for long, with the help of 17 and Frieza, he manages to eliminate Jiren from the Tournament. It makes for a fantastic end to this continuation of one of the most iconic franchises in anime.

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