The Dragon Prince Trailer Brings Swords & Sorcery to Netflix

the first trailer for the upcoming netflix animated series the dragon prince premiered this weekend at comic-con international in san diego. the show comes from much of the team that brought the avatar: the last airbender to nickelodeon. the swords and sorcery series will premiere this september on the streaming giant.

the show will center around a pair of brothers, callum and ezran. during a war between their kingdom and the neighboring elven forces. when elf assassin rayla spares their lives, the three unite to try and end the war between their people. the trailer gives us hints of the kind of world we’ll be exploring. there’s plenty of magical blasts, duelling warriors, and even an absolutely massive dragon at the end of the trailer.

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the series is being put together by multimedia production studio wonderstorm. the production crew behind the new fantasy series has a wealth of experience, especially together. members of the new writing team, aaron ehasz and giancarlo volpe, actually worked together on avatar: the last airbender. ehasz was the head writer for avatar: the last airbender, and volpe was a recurring director for the series. justin richmond, director of the playstation game uncharted 3: drake’s deception, is also among the production crew. richmond being on board has suggested that there might be a video game tie-in planned within the universe.

the series will star jack desena, sasha rojen, paula burrows in the lead three roles. the dragon prince premieres on netflix september 14.

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