The Dragon Prince Renewed For Second Season By Netflix


Netflix has announced a second season of The Dragon Prince, which premiered on the streaming service midway through September.

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"Return to a world of magic, friendship, and dragons in 2019," NX on Netflix tweeted. "Are you ready for Dragon Prince Season 2?" An image of characters Callum and Claudia standing back-to-back in front of a full moon accompanied the tweet. NX specified neither the number of episodes in the second season nor the exact release date.

Despite positive reviews, some have criticized Dragon Prince's animation, which features a blend of CGI and cel-shaded animation. The production opted for an intentionally lowered frame rate to make the combined animation appear more real to viewers. However, not all responded positively to that choice. As a result of feedback on the show's framerate, co-creators and showrunners Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond mentioned last month that the animation style may be more fluid in future seasons, so the show's style may change a little in Season 2.

Featuring the voices of Jack DeSena, Sasha Rojen, Paula Burrows, Jesse Inocalla, Racquel Belmonte, Luc Roderique and Jason Simpson, The Dragon Prince Season 1 is available now on Netflix.

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