<i>Dragon</i> Coming To The U.S., Compliments Of The Weinsteins

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival kicked off today, and there's already news of a purchase and upcoming domestic release. The Weinstein Company has acquired world distribution rights -- minus Asia and French-speaking Europe -- to Dragon (Wu Xia), described by the press release as a "film noir, martial arts epic." An interesting combination, to say the least.

The same is true of the cast, led by legendary fight choreographer Donnie Yen, who, unsurprisingly, also serves as the film's choreographer. Yen is joined by Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of Flying Daggers), Tang Wei (Lust) and Jimmy Wang Yu, star of The One-Armed Swordsman, who is making his first film appearance in 17 years. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist does not count. Dragon is directed by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, who is probably known best for his work as the director of The Warlords. In addition to distributing the movie, The Weinstein Company also picked up the remake rights.

"During the production, Donnie was telling me that Wu Xia becomes more and more like a Weinstein movie," Chan said in the press release. "It's no coincidence that Harvey [Weinstein] likes the film. I am thrilled to work with Harvey and I think TWC is the best company to take this film to the US and international audience."

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