Fashion Ball Z: 15 Of Vegeta's Biggest Looks, Ranked

There's no denying how popular Vegeta is amongst Dragon Ball fans, his story, his character development, and his design are some of the best of the franchise. The latter aspect, Vegeta's various outfits and armors, are definitely worth their own list, which is why we wanted to rank 15 of his outfits from best to worst — everything from the infamous "Badman" shirt to the badly colored armor from his first anime appearance. Much like Bulma, Vegeta is something of a fashion icon of Dragon Ball, sporting some of the best designs the franchise has to offer, and we are even getting a few new looks with the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Though Vegeta seems partial to the Saiyan armor that Bulma designed (aw, how cute), his closet is still full of interesting looks, some better than others.

For this list, we are mostly looking at the clothes and armors that Vegeta has worn, but there will be a few interesting curveballs thrown into the mix. As for how they are ranked, it will be a combination of our choices, how good of a design the outfit makes, and how significant the outfit is/was in the series. He might just wear one thing most of the time, but Vegeta is still one of the best-designed characters, no matter what he's wearing. In fact, Vegeta's armor has become as synonymous with the franchise as Goku's orange gi. So, let's break down the Saiyan prince's 15 most noteworthy looks and rank them from worst to best.

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Starting us off at the bottom is one of our curveballs, a gooey clone of Vegeta that appeared during a side-story episode of Dragon Ball Super. Duplicate Vegeta, as he's known by, was created from the Superhuman Water on planet Potaufeu, which absorbed all of Vegeta's energy and formed into a copy of him, though a much less appealing-looking one.

Duplicate Vegeta comes in at the bottom of our ranking for pretty obvious reasons, just look at him! He looks like if someone made a purple gelatin mold out of Vegeta and left it out in the sun for a while. The story surrounding duplicate Vegeta had its merits, but the clone character can't beat the look of the original.


Prior to donning the Saiyan armor designed and made by Bulma, Vegeta had this tank-top-looking disaster of an outfit. That might seem a little harsh, but let's just say that Saiyan armor always looks better with either the shoulder-pads or segmented straps of other models.

Without some kind of yellowish color to break up the white on the top half of the armor, this design doesn't quite work, which is probably why it was said to be one of the older models. Additionally, the almost black bodysuit and darkened segmented parts don't work as well as the blue and yellow of Vegeta's more iconic looks.


Vegeta doesn't always train with his armor, sometimes he's just jumping around the gravity chamber in nothing but a pair of compression shorts, though he's also been seen in a blue tank top and white sweatpants. Both of these training outfits are interesting looks that we sort of wish we'd see more of.

That said, at the end of the day, Vegeta's compression shorts are rather simplistic and not a very well-designed outfit, and while his sweatpants look is a little more creative, both of these designs were apparently not interesting enough to make more than a few appearances in total.


Though Vegeta's baseball uniform from was shown even less than his alternate training outfits, it's still a much more fun and much more interesting design that depicts him in a silly light, making for some great character moments in the episode it was featured.

The fact that it's an outfit different from his usual armored look is part of why we love Vegeta's baseball uniform, but the real reason this earned more points than Vegeta's training outfits is because he chose to team with universe 6 and wear their uniform just so he could face Goku on Universe 7's team, and that's probably the most Vegeta thing that Vegeta has ever done.


Like we said, Saiyan armor tends to look better with some kind of eccentricity to the shoulder pieces, which is why we ranked Vegeta's second Saiyan armor outfit as number 11 on our list. This armor was given to Vegeta after being defeated by Goku and was much less busy than his previous suit, lacking the armor plating over his pelvis and hips.

This look definitely works for Vegeta, standing as one of his better looks from when he was still considered a villain, since the giant shoulder pads made him fit with the other villains of the story arc and just overall made him look more menacing when he was wiping out a Namekian village.


Bringing up the top 10 are some of Vegeta's more casual looks, featured briefly throughout the franchise. These outfits are some of Vegeta's more interesting clothes, partly because they show just how stuck in the late 80s/early 90s the fashion in the world of Dragon Ball is.

The first two sets of clothes featured above are easily Vegeta's most dad-looking outfits ever, the first was worn when he said goodbye to future Trunks and the second was worn while on vacation with Trunks and Bulma. The last two were from the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z, the first being a more casual look, and the second being a much less armored fighting outfit worn for the martial arts tournament.


Next up in the top 10 is Vegeta's first anime appearance, which has the same design as his first Saiyan armor, but was incorrectly colored due to the original manga being in black and white with no reference for the anime's crew to work off of for coloring. As a result, we got this orange, red, green and blue version of Vegeta that has become a rather infamous part of the franchise.

But here's the thing, this color scheme isn't all that bad, it's actually really interesting, especially considering it was made without any reference to the original. Sure, it's not as great as the actual coloring, but it's got some bold choices that pay off.


It's pretty rare that we see Vegeta in his younger days, but when we do, we're treated to a great character/costume design. Specifically, we are referring to Vegeta's royal armor, complete with a cape and the Vegeta family symbol.

This outfit is really fitting to the ruthless child that Vegeta was; something about the sleeveless bodysuit really makes him seem like the product of aggressive Saiyan culture, a regal warrior prince ready for battle at all time. Even the outfit that young Vegeta is wearing in flashbacks of Dragon Ball Super: Broly still manages to fit this idea, which is why young Vegeta's outfits rank at number eight.


Ranking at lucky number seven is the outfit Vegeta wore in Resurrection F and the Frieza saga of Dragon Ball Super, another battle suit designed and created by Bulma. This design featured a grey bodysuit with some additional padding and a more streamlined version of the Saiyan armor Vegeta normally wore.

The additional details help update Vegeta's usual look and the grey suit helps balance the color of Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue form. Overall, this outfit is a slick, cool-looking redesign of Vegeta's go-to look, but it still doesn't quite beat the original, nor does it hold up against some of his other outfits.


Akira Toriyama made it a point to show Vegeta with less and less armor as the story progressed and his character further developed. This was to show that Vegeta was becoming more human and much less battle-oriented and bloodthirsty. This is part of the reason why he wears just a sleeveless jumpsuit during the Buu saga, the other reason being that he couldn't wear armor in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

This unarmored look actually works really well for Vegeta, and it ended up being one of his best outfits; it's simple, but effective, especially with the darker blue and the small amount of yellow on the boots. The Buu saga look both served a storytelling purpose and ended up looking fantastic on the character.


Next up is another curveball, the outfit that results from Vegeta and Goku fusing using the potara earrings. Unlike the fusion dance, a potara fusion fuses the two warriors’ clothes along with their physical traits, leading to an entirely new outfit, and in the case of Vegito, it’s also one of the coolest outfits that Vegeta (technically) wears.

The fusion outfit combines Vegeta’s sleeveless blue suit, his boots and his gloves with Goku’s orange gi top, the bagginess of his clothes and his blue cloth belt. All these elements combine into a super interesting look that brings up the top five.


Vegeta is getting a bit of a design update for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly; his bodysuit is a bit darker than usual, and the main color of his armor has been changed from white to a greyish blue off-white. Additionally, Vegeta will be sporting a large snow jacket for the tundra environment featured in the trailers.

Both of these costumes immediately became some of Vegeta’s best outfits; the updates to his usual outfit are subtle, but make the armor pop a bit more and work much better with the movie’s art direction and design. As for the snow jacket, it’s a fun outfit that adorably goes with Bulma’s snow gear, which is part of why we ranked it so high.


Now it's down to the top three, starting with Vegeta’s first Saiyan armor, complete with his tail, pelvis/hip guards, scouter and plain white boots. Vegeta didn’t keep this outfit for long, but it’s still one of his best, standing as one of the most classic character designs in the series.

There’s a lot to love about this design, specifically the way it feels like an alien samurai armor, thus communicating that its wearer is a warrior from another planet. The scouter, though practically obsolete in the world of Dragon Ball, added a nice splash of color to the overall design and is one of the many reasons why this classic outfit ranks at number three on our list.


We’ve made frequent mention of Vegeta’s “usual” outfit, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve placed his fourth Saiyan armor, the one designed and built by Bulma, as number two in our ranking. From the Android saga and on, this became Vegeta’s go-to armor/bodysuit combination, and it’s also his best battle look.

The streamlined version of his Saiyan armor, lacking any eccentric giant protective pads, is slick and perfectly designed, while the boots and gloves balance out the color design. Truly, this is the best version of Vegeta’s armor, and the one he’s worn the most, which is why it’s ranked as number 2.


Alright, to be fair, our number one rank is a bit goofy, but how could we not rank Vegeta’s infamous “Badman” shirt as his best outfit ever? Vegeta’s fourth Saiyan armor is his real best outfit, but this silly shirt encompasses some of his best character moments and some of the funniest moments in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

Vegeta was given this shirt by Bulma and he definitely didn’t care for the color, stating that he was a warrior, not a flower. It’s genuinely one of the greatest parts of Dragon Ball Z, which, along with the sheer ridiculousness of the shirt (and yellow pants), is why we’ve ranked this outfit as Vegeta’s number one look.

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