'Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F' Makes Top 10 U.S. Anime Box Office, Extends Run

While the most expensive comic movie hitting theaters this weekend is having a struggle at the box office, the U.S. dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is firing on all cylinders.

After its limited release earned an impressive $1.97 million on its opening night of special engagement showings, Deadline is reporting that over the weekend the movie entered the Top 10 ticket sales range for an anime in American theaters with a five-day total of $5.58 million. That places the film ahead of recent critical favorite anime films like Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle and The Wind Rises (which had more traditional, wider distribution via Disney) and this weekend's other animate import in Shaun the Sheep which only brought in $4 million.

As a result, FUNimation has expanded Resurrection F's theatrical engagements to more theaters through August 12. "Due to overwhelming response from our fans, we have over 200 theaters coming back on for tomorrow," FUNimation EVP & COO Michael DuBoise told the trade. "And we now have 250 for Tuesday so that will be 450 locations for those two days that we didn’t have in our initial plan. Our fan base has really embraced the film, and it’s going push (the gross) even higher in the week."

The last DBZ movie, Battle of Gods, brought in only $2.5 million during a similar limited theatrical run in 2013. Resurrection F will likely surpass that, but by how much won't be seen until the final numbers are in on Wednesday.

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