Final Forms: 20 Hilarious Dragon Ball Villain Memes

The world of Dragon Ball is ridiculous, there's no denying that. The strange and goofy elements of Akira Toriyama's massively successful franchise are often poked fun at, usually in the form of memes, especially in the early days of the internet. Dragon Ball memes are everywhere, you don't have to look far, and a lot of them heavily feature the villains of the series, who's eccentric tendencies and memorable quotes make for some prime memetic material. The villains of Dragon Ball are amongst the most convoluted and ridiculous characters in the entire franchise, so it's no wonder that fans have created some killer memes out of them.

From Frieza to Cell to Majin Buu, the villains of Dragon Ball look as strange as they act, and with plenty of screenshots from the series to work with, there are an equal number of memes to choose from. Everything from the classic "this isn't even my final form" to some new and creative memes, there are plenty to look through. Thus, we decided to gather the best of the best Dragon Ball villain memes to share with you. Need a good laugh and love Dragon Ball? Then look no further, here are 20 of the funniest Dragon Ball villain memes out there.


Let's start with everyone's favorite villain-turned-good(ish)-guy, Vegeta. Back when Vegeta was a threat to the Earth, he faced Goku in combat and lost. Instead of dying like the proud warrior that he claimed to be, Vegeta ran off while he was wounded, calling his ship over with a device that looks a lot like a smart phone.

This meme plays with that fact and gives Vegeta a twitter account where he can rant about his defeat. It's pretty easy to imagine Vegeta being as petty on social media as he is in the Saiyan saga, and it's just as easy to imagine he'd use Twitter exclusively to talk about his training regiment and how he will surpass Kakarot. Wonder how many likes he got after this post...


Everyone loves the classic J. Jonah Jameson laugh meme, and throwing Dragon Ball into the mix was a brilliant move, especially since Frieza saga Vegeta was about as whiny as Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker. We have the classic setup of the J. Jonah comic, but instead of it being Peter and Jameson, they're photoshopped to look like Vegeta and Frieza.

This meme also pokes fun at Vegeta's overconfidence when he thought he had turned into a Super Saiyan, having Frieza Jameson laughing at his clearly untrue claim. This great twist on a classic meme is a perfect way to show just how pathetic Vegeta truly was when he tried to face Frieza, and there's just something about Tobey Maguire as Vegeta that has us in hysterics.


If you don't get this one at first, give it a minute, it'll come to you. We're not sure if anyone asked for a literal interpretation of Dragon Ball villains, but here it is, and it's hilarious. You've got Cell as a cellphone, Frieza as a literal freezer and his brother Cooler as an actual Cooler. What more could you ask for, really?

This is just one of the versions of this gag, as others have been inspired to add more literal interpretations of Dragon Ball villains, including using the Android logo for Androids 17 and 18 and inserting Boo from Monsters Inc. as Majin Buu. Half the fun of this meme is trying to figure out each of the villains, as well as thinking of ways to include others.


Frieza really really likes looking down on others, especially Saiyans. In fact, Frieza takes every chance he gets to refer to Saiyans in a derogatory manner, often calling them "monkeys" in reference to their monkey tails and Great Ape forms. There are points when Frieza takes this too far and calls Saiyans monkeys nearly every single time he speaks, and this meme pokes fun at that fact.

Though Frieza himself isn't featured in the above image, we still get a look at how he might see the Saiyans due to his views on the warrior race. First, there's Vegeta and Goku fighting as seen by us, the viewers, and then there's a picture of two gorillas fighting, depicting how Frieza sees them. Surprisingly, Frieza has yet to taunt the Saiyans by offering them a banana -- what a missed opportunity!

16 OH, BUU

Let's be honest, we'd totally watch a sitcom of just Mr. Satan having to deal with Majin Buu. Seriously, why haven't they made a series of shorts with these two? Their relationship plays out similarly to your typical mismatched sitcom pair -- Mr. Satan is egotistical and loves showing of, while Buu always wants tasty snacks, and will act out if he doesn't get his way.

Though a sitcom like this might not actually happen, this meme depicts what it might be like by using the "Oh You!" meme. That said, the tone might be playful, but the implications of this meme are actually pretty frightening, which makes it all the more hilarious. Let's hope that Buu doesn't use his candy beam on innocent humans any time soon, since it might not be accompanied by canned laughter.


We need to talk about something; something that is large and looming and garners a lot of attention, Vegeta's forehead. This billboard of a brow is prime for drawing stupid stuff, which is what makes this meme so funny. When Vegeta gave into Babidi's control and became Majin Vegeta, the "M" mark of the Majins appeared on his forehead, almost looking like someone drew it with a permanent marker.

This meme pokes fun at this fact by bringing in another equally popular anime, Pokémon. Most fans of the franchise will know that Jiggly Puff loves to sing, but when its music puts people to sleep, it gets rather peeved and proceeds to draw on the faces of its sleeping audience. Maybe one of its victims was Vegeta, and Jiggly Puff drew the afformentioned Majin "M" on his forehead as revenge.


When Frieza was first introduced, he was thought to be the strongest person in the entire universe. And yet, when he came back to Earth to get his revenge for what Goku did to him, he brought along his dad, King Cold, who was supposedly even stronger. Chalk this one up to the ridiculous power scaling of Dragon Ball, but the concept is still worth poking fun at.

This meme does exactly that, depicting Frieza as a sniveling child who went crying to his dad after getting beat up by Goku, bringing him along as his muscle. Leave it to Frieza to pull such a coward move, though his dad didn't prove to be much of a threat when Future Trunks showed up. Regardless, Frieza relying on his dad to fight his battles makes him seem way more pathetic than he was initially depicted.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. We all know how the rest of the Power Puff Girls opening goes, and this meme puts a silly spin on it by depicting the creation of everyone's favorite bio-android, Cell. In this version, we have Dr. Gero taking the place of Professor Utonium as he mixes together Saiyan DNA as well as the cells of every other great warrior in the world of Dragon Ball.

Together, these ingredients were chosen to create the perfect fighting android, and that's exactly what they did, since Cell refers to his final form as "perfect," which is what makes this meme just as perfect. Plus, with how powerful Cell is, who's to say that there wasn't a bit of Chemical X thrown into the mix?


How awesome was that scene in The Avengers where Loki boasts about his army, only for Tony Stark to come back with, "We have a Hulk?" It was easily one of the best moments of the film, and this meme recreates it with two of Dragon Ball Z's best villains, Frieza and Vegeta.

Frieza takes the place of Loki in this recreation, boasting about his own army, the Galactic Frieza Army. The part of Tony Stark is played by Vegeta, who comes back to Frieza's threat with a simple, "We have a Kakarot," which compares Goku's power to that of The Hulk. Now we really want to see the "puny god" scene with Goku throwing Frieza around by his legs, it might actually be better than the original!


You know, they never really explained why Cell was able to create his arena from scratch. Was it because he had the cells of Piccolo and could use forms of magic, or was it because he had telekinesis? If it was the latter, then why didn't he just use that all the time? Regardless, when Cell used his power to cut up rocks and build his Cell Games arena, it looked a lot like a game of Minecraft.

This meme plays with the imagery of the formation of the arena by pointing out its similarities to Minecraft. However, the real kicker is the fact that the Cell saga predates the hit video game, thus this meme claims the Cell was the first person ever to play Minecraft, and it seems like he was pretty good at it too!


One of the oldest and most classic Dragon Ball memes in internet history is "This isn't even my final form," which is perhaps second only to "It's Over 9000!" The final form meme is often used to poke fun at Frieza's ridiculous transformations by putting the words over an ugly image. However, this version of the meme compares Frieza to a trash can.

This particular trash can happens to have the same color scheme as Frieza's final form, and the joke is pushed even harder by a color change which depicts Frieza's golden form. It's not too far off to refer to Frieza as a trash can too, since he's kind of a garbage person, no matter how golden he can make his final form.


While the trend of Pokémon Go! has come and gone, we think fans can still appreciate this particular meme, especially since it somewhat addresses the real-world concerns with playing the mobile game. The game itself warned players to pay attention to their surroundings while catching Pokémon, and this meme shows the consequences of not heeding that advice.

By simply adding a falling iPhone to this screencap from The History of Trunks (as well as a fleeing Vegeta in the background), this fight between future Gohan and Androids 17 and 18 looks like Gohan walked into the wrong neighborhood. Of course, if he hadn't been trying to catch that rare Pokémon, he wouldn't have gotten himself in this situation to begin with. Was that Mewtwo worth losing an arm Gohan?


Speaking of Pokémon, here's another meme mashup of Dragon Ball and the popular game series. Every hardcore Pokémon player knows that there are rare versions of Pokémon known as "shiny" types, which are different colored and much harder to find. This off-color variation is not unlike Frieza's golden form, which is a similarly re-colored version of his final form.

Thus, this meme depicts Frieza's final form as a Pokémon and his golden from as a rarer version of that Pokémon, with Nappa as a trainer. Why Nappa? Perhaps just because he provided a great screenshot to photoshop a Pokéball into, but regardless, the idea of Nappa capturing and taming the very person that destroyed his species seems like a fitting form of karmic justice that has us cracking up.


Perhaps the most recent of the bunch, this drawing parodies the "distracted boyfriend" meme, which originated from a hilarious series of stock photos depicting a boyfriend who can't keep his eyes off of other women. The meme was used to depict all kinds of distracting situations, portraying each of the people in it as various life struggles.

This version in particular was made in response to the reveal of Dragon Ball Fighterz villain, a female android named Android 21. As 21 is the only other female android since Android 18, this artist found it appropriate to depict Krillin contemplating "getting an upgrade" as he stares at Android 21. Careful Krillin, your wife is way stronger than you. Then again, who could blame him, Android 21 is one fine android!


When smartphones were first coming out, many argued which was better, the iPhone or the Android, a battle which continues on to this day. Whichever phone you prefer, we can all agree that iPhones tend to be depicted as the better choice of the two, which is what makes this meme such a great counterargument in favor of Androids.

When Cell first appeared, the bio-android was incomplete, an imperfect version of himself. Cell couldn't only become perfect by absorbing Androids 17 and 18. This meme takes the logic of Cell's evolution by claiming Androids are better than iPhones because they helped Cell become perfect. This joke could be taken even further by making the connection between Cell's name and cellphones. It's a great joke on two levels, and a nice little jab at Apple using Dragon Ball.


Remember in The Dark Knight when Harvey Dent says "You either die a hero, or live long enough to to see yourself become the villain?" Sure you do, everyone loves quoting that line. However, the logic of it doesn't always pan out, especially not when you apply it to the characters of Dragon Ball, as a good percentage of the protagonists started out as villains.

We don't have room to list all the villains who later became good guys, which should tell you just how many there are. This meme pokes fun at two in particular, Vegeta and Piccolo, both of whom were pretty dang evil when they showed up, but are now beloved allies and friends. Their very existence as characters negates and reverses Harvey Dent's line, and this meme makes note of it.


You know what was kind of a jerk move? Cell blowing himself up when he realized he had lost against the Z-fighters. What a sore loser right? This meme certainly agrees, using the perfect screenshot to parody the "roll safe" meme. "Roll safe" often depicts terrible advice while using the image of Kayode Ewumi tapping his temple as though it's a smart idea.

In Cell's version, his decision to blow himself up was sort of counterproductive, thus the logic not checking out in the picture's caption. Sure, Cell might be escaping defeat by self-destructing, but he's still not getting out of it alive, and this meme depicts the villain believing his logic to be sound and sane. Then again, he did come back even stronger after self-destructing, but that doesn't retroactively make his decision seem smart.


We've featured this one before on CBR, but we just had to include it again because of how accurate it is. In Dragon Ball Super, the villain of the Future Trunks saga is Goku Black, an evil version of Goku whose body is inhabited by a god who hates all mortals. This evil Goku's personalty is, as expected, much darker and grittier than the kind and goofy Goku that we all know and love.

The stark difference between the two provides a great way to poke fun at Marvel and DC's different approaches to superhero movies. Like regular Goku, Marvel is bright and fun, but not afraid to get serious. Like Goku Black, DC is just a bit too dark and violent, and could use a bit more brightness to it. Regardless of which cinematic universe you prefer, you have to admit this meme nails it on the head.


Perhaps the weirdest looking villain in all of Dragon Ball Z is Buu, who sort of looks like a buff bubblegum man. He also looks like what would result if Patrick Star of Spongebob Squarepants started working out and training like crazy. This is exactly the comparison that this meme makes, presenting Super Buu as the "what if?" of Patrick's ultra-powerful alternate self.

The meme is framed with the idea that this is what happens to all the kids who you thought were ugly in middle school, as though Patrick surpassed his awkward stage and became Super Buu in high school. This is obviously a CRAZY scenario, but a funny one nonetheless, especially considering the fact that both characters love to eat sweets, though the latter only likes them when they're made out of people.


Last but not least we have one of our favorites in the whole bunch. Captain Ginyu might not have been the biggest or baddest villain in Dragon Ball, but he sure was memorable, especially since he and his team were wonderfully ridiculous parodies of Tokusatsu characters. Even more ridiculous is the meme made from the scene in Captain Phillips in which Abduwali Muse proclaims himself captain of the ship.

The internet was quick to use this moment from the film to turn Muse into various captains of pop cultures, including Captain Crunch and Captain America. This particular version of the meme turns the pirate into none other than Captain Ginyu, and it has us cracking up. Seriously, could you imagine if this was actually a scene in the film?!

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