Dragon Ball: 10 Most Brutal Vegeta Quotes

Vegeta is one of the strongest and most popular characters in the Dragon Ball universe alongside his Saiyan rival, Goku. But unlike Goku, Vegeta always feels the need to boast about his superiority and power--he is the prince of all Saiyans after all.

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Therefore, he has some pretty memorable quotes throughout the Dragon Ball timeline that were both insulting and hilarious at the same time. Whether it's to taunt his opponent or to make him feel better about himself, the man truly has no filter. Here are the ten most brutal quotes from the prince of all Saiyans.

10 "You're the one who started this game. And now that you're losing, it's no fun anymore. You're just a big baby."

Before Cell obtained his Perfect form, Vegeta was able to get a year's worth of training done in a single day thanks to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. With this newfound strength to boast, he was able to hold his own against Cell, to the point where the villain became frustrated and desperate to reach his Perfect form.

Loving every moment of Cell's desperation and assuming he had won, Vegeta called Cell a "big baby" because he was acting like a sore loser who had lost at his own game. In reality, Vegeta should've kept his mouth shut because he ended up losing once he foolishly allowed Cell to become Perfect.

9 "You're just a mindless freak of nature, a big wad of spit-out chewing gum!"

Buu's many forms and bubblegum pink appearance were often very misleading for the Z-fighters. The chubby Good Buu was innocent and kind, while the other forms were much more malicious. Perhaps the most misleading form was Kid Buu.

When Vegeta first saw Super Buu transform into Kid Buu, he was relieved because Kid Buu was a lot smaller than his previous form, giving him a less threatening appearance. Despite this childish appearance, Kid Buu literally destroyed Earth. That still did not, however, stop Vegeta from running his mouth, calling Buu a "mindless freak of nature" and "spit-out chewing gum."

8 "What's wrong Frieza? Is your brain another one of your weak and underused muscles?"

As cocky and prideful as Vegeta is, he has had moments where he didn't feel strong enough. In particular, he greatly feared Frieza, the infamous villain known for destroying Planet Vegeta along with most of the Saiyan race.

It wasn't until after Vegeta reunited with Frieza on Planet Namek that he believed he could take him on. After bluffing that he had achieved the fearsome power of a Super Saiyan, Vegeta (with help from Piccolo and Gohan) eventually forced Frieza into his stronger forms and had the nerve to insult his intelligence.

7 "I'm angry enough to hurt somebody. Pounding you might just be the therapy I need."

In the aftermath of Frieza's defeat and Planet Namek's destruction, Goku went missing. Rather than waiting around for him to return, Vegeta took the initiative to search the galaxy for his fellow Saiyan, though he returned to Earth with nothing but frustration.

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Vegeta was frustrated not only about his inability to track down Boku but also that Goku had surpassed him in strength. He was so angry that he was ready to take it all out on the first person he saw upon returning back to Earth, Yamcha. Of course, Vegeta would've easily defeated Yamcha, but he was hilariously stopped by his future wife, Bulma, who insulted his hygiene and forced him to take a shower.

6 "I'll never give in to you circus freaks."

Many villains in the Dragon Ball Z series were quite peculiar, but no one was more extreme than the Ginyu Force. The Ginyu Force served under a villain as notorious as Frieza, but the members themselves tend to act goofy, to the point where it's difficult to take them seriously.

In addition to their immature personalities and bright color scheme, the Ginyu Force had an interesting pose formation that they showed off as a way to announce their presence. Though the pose might have seemed cool to the Ginyu Force, Vegeta thought the opposite, referring to them as "circus freaks."

5 "I find it hard to believe that my cells are in your body. How could you have turned out so ugly? What a waste."

Cell was one of Dr. Gero's artificial creations along with the Androids. But unlike the Androids, Cell was created using the cells of the universe's strongest beings like Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta.

Although the different cells gave Cell each warrior's special ability, such as Piccolo's ability to regenerate parts of his body, they did not necessarily give him any traits based on physical appearance. Therefore, when Vegeta was made aware that his own cells were inside Cell, he was offended that the monster turned out "so ugly" and considered him a waste.

4 "If you give up now, I promise I'll turn you into something practical. Like a toaster or a washing machine."

Android 18 might be an artificial being with a pretty face, but that doesn't mean she should ever be underestimated. However, Vegeta, with his newly attained Super Saiyan form, thought he would easily be able to overpower her as he had with Android 19 and 20.

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Initially, Vegeta was able to keep up with Android 18 and even advised her to surrender so he could turn her into an appliance. Unfortunately for the Super Saiyan, Android 18 was far stronger than the others that he had already faced, and she ended up defeating him instead of him turning her into a toaster.

3 "Maybe you won't be such a disappointment when you're dead."

When the fear-inducing Saiyan duo, Nappa and Vegeta, first arrived on Earth, it was Nappa who first showed off his power to the Z-fighters. While he had no problem in taking on the likes of Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin all at once, Nappa was easily defeated by the newly revived Goku.

At his humiliating defeat, Nappa asked for the aid of Vegeta, who instead threw his injured comrade into the sky and killed him with a single blast. As he does so, Vegeta flexed his ruthlessness, calling Nappa a disappointment for being defeated by someone like Goku.

2 "My, my, what do we have here? Oh yes, the ultimate tub of lard, bucket of bolts."

Upon achieving the powers of a true Super Saiyan, Vegeta was eager to test out his newfound abilities on a worthy opponent. And with the arrival of the anticipated Androids, he knew just who to confront.

Android 19 went into his battle with Vegeta feeling very confident after he had overwhelmed a sickly Goku. However, once Vegeta turned Super Saiyan and wore his opponent out, Android 19's fate was sealed. To add insult to injury, Vegeta called the Android "the ultimate tub of lard" and "bucket of bolts" in reference to his round robotic body.

1 "World Champion? I've known stronger house plants."

Hercule, aka Mr. Satan, is known as the World Champion in martial arts despite being much weaker than any of the Z-fighters and villains. Still, Hercule continues to maintain his reputation and is even seen as "Earth's protector" by civilians.

But to those who know the real truth, Hercule is less of a hero and more of a fraud. During the World Tournament, Vegeta's young son, Trunks, was set to face Hercule. Vegeta laughed and said he knew "stronger house plants" than Hercule. Maybe he was referring to the Saibamen, who grow from seeds just like plants.

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