Big Dank Attack: 20 Hilarious Vegeta Memes

Perhaps one of the earliest memes that took over the internet, and parts of pop culture, was Dragon Ball Z's "It's Over 9,000!" Early internet boards were riddled with this meme, and soon it became oversaturated. The funniest part about it is that "Over 9,000!" is technically based on a lie, or rather a mistranslation. In the original Japanese dub of the line, the number is "over 8,000," but "9,000" was what was presented to American audiences. In the early days of the internet, this was enough to spark one of the most well-known memes in existence. Vegeta essentially put Dragon Ball Z on the map of the internet.

Vegeta is the, for lack of a better term, "star" of this meme, but it's not his only "hit," as it were. Vegeta's crazy character development and tendency to give great expressions and responses are what make for such great memes. Plus, his, shall we say, "interesting" personality makes for prime parodying material. It's no wonder we've gotten some of the funniest memes out of the prince of all Saiyans, screenshots and quotes of the former villain are a riot! So, without further ado, we give you 20 of the craziest, weirdest and funniest Vegeta memes the internet has to offer.


We start off with a sick burn that ties in with one of the many insults that Vegeta throws at Goku. Aside from Kakarot, Vegeta is known for referring to Goku as a clown, an insult that stems from Goku's carefree and oafish nature. In this meme, Vegeta has taken this joke to a whole new level.

Since it's Trunks' birthday, Bulma has gotten him a birthday clown, but not even richest woman in the world sees a need to spend the money when she can just have her husband do it. Unfortunately, Vegeta has taken the opportunity to dress like the biggest clown of all, his rival. Vegeta has managed to get in a sick burn, though we can't imagine Bulma is happy with this little joke, and she'll most likely punish him in some way.


Dragon Ball Z gained a bit of a "bro" following at some point in its run, and some fans who watched it during that time went on the get heavily involved in workout and gym culture. Take this as you will, but it's definitely made for some great memes involving the prince of Saiyans and his workout/training ethic. For example, the above picture pokes fun at Vegeta's choice in training attire, which has almost always included gloves.

This obsession about gloves is not unlike those gym-goers who won't even touch the equipment without wearing their special liftin' mittens. Not that there's anything wrong with wearing gloves while working out, but there's also nothing wrong with poking playful jabs at that friend who can't do without them. Vegeta, with his royal upbringing, may very well be this kind of person.



Time for a much dirtier, and much more wordplay-heavy one. There's the old saying that "you are what you eat," meant to encourage healthy eating habits, but Vegeta seems to have taken it in a different direction. He makes a crude joke at the expense of his wife by claiming she's a "vegetarian" under the logic of this phrase.

You can put the joke together, so we're not gonna explain just how R-rated this meme gets. To top off such a crude joke, we have some of that classic Dragon Ball Z wordplay, using "Saiyan" instead of "saying." We're surprised Vegeta even knows this phrase well enough to use it to his comedic advantage, but we can sure believe he'd be baller enough to make the joke.


Remember that time Vegeta thought he was a Super Saiyan after getting a slight power up? And remember how he was easily defeated immediately afterward? Oh, and how about the fact that it would be a really long time before he actually achieved the Super Saiyan form? All this tells us that Vegeta likes to brag about his power, though it's fair to say that this isn't a trait exclusive to him, it is a staple of the series after all.

Regardless, this meme roasting Vegeta's boasting is absolutely spot-on. This "looks like we got a badass over here" meme is modified to have Neil deGrasse Tyson look like Frieza, making his sarcastic response to Vegeta's clearly-not-true claim of being a Super Saiyan all the more perfect and biting.



Though the overlap between fans of Dragon Ball Z and Mean Girls might be relatively slim, this joke still hits pretty hard. In the cult hit film, the group of titular mean girls have a tradition every Wednesday in which they wear pink, and this meme includes Vegeta in on the fun. Of course, we doubt Vegeta would want to be included in the group, since he was very much against wearing his infamous "Badman" shirt in the first place.

Then again, "Badman" isn't far off from "mean girl" so maybe Vegeta belongs with the girls, especially since he's a snarky jerk who constantly makes jabs at others. Sure seems like Vegeta would have been in the popular kids clique if he went to an Earth high school, and if he did, he'd have to follow the "pink on Wednesday" rule.


This one is as sad as it is funny. The Saiyans were once a proud warrior race, but they met their end at the hands of Frieza. After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, only a few Saiyans were left in the universe, and that number dwindled even further after the Saiyan saga.

At this point, there are only two full-blooded Saiyans left in the universe, three if you count Tarble. Add in the half-breeds in Dragon Ball Z and you've got six in total. What makes this dark fact so funny? Well, since Vegeta loves to remind people that he's the Prince of all Saiyans (though technically he's the king), it's kind of funny to think that he doesn't consider just how small his "kingdom" is, and this meme pokes fun at that fact.



The biggest source of Vegeta's frustration in the world seems to be the fact that he is constantly being surpassed by Goku. This fact is especially biting since he is a royal warrior, while Goku is nothing more than a low-class Saiyan. Yet, Goku has surpassed Vegeta at nearly every point in the series, which is what makes this meme so accurate.

Vegeta is roasted by the Kanye West "Imma let you finish" meme by being compared to Goku. This meme claims Goku to be the strongest, but Vegeta takes things in a bit of a meta direction as he shoots a blast of energy at the Kanye meme itself, silencing the interrupting musician from implying that Kakarot is stronger than him.


We all know that delightfully horrible He-Man Christmas special in which Skeletor learns to be good with the help of two kids and a dog. Skeletor argues that he is not nice and that he doesn't like to feel good. In fact, he like's feeling evil, something that he has in common with Vegeta, at least during some points of his life.

This meme specifically compares Skeletor to Majin Vegeta, who was under the control of Babidi to become evil once more. Though it was mind control, Vegeta still opened himself up to the takeover because he wanted to be powerful and ruthless again, thus this line that Skeletor speaks is just as fitting to Vegeta after coming under Babidi's control. It make sense too, after all, since Vegeta is often frustrated by acts that show how soft he's become.



Now this is a new one that's relatively hot off the meme presses, and it might just take over as the next big Vegeta meme since "It's over 9,000." Dragon Ball Super isn't exactly known for stellar animation, and fans are always quick to poke fun at some of the worst freeze frames in the series.

One recent image from he tournament of power arc has supplied fans with some amazing photoshop opportunities. When Vegeta almost fell off the edge of the battle arena, his pose was pretty goofy, thus the "Vegeta Slipping" meme was born. Here we can see all the fun fans have had with this pose, like putting him in Santa's lap or going down a playground slide. Though, nothing quite beats the Titanic pose version.


If there's one visual aspect that Vegeta should never be seen without, its his infamous widow's peak. Why is it infamous exactly? Well, just take a look at the picture above. Without his extremely pointed hairline Vegeta's face looks rather strange, since it is 50% forehead, as this meme puts it. This isn't the only version either, as many fans have been quick to point out just how goofy Vegeta looks without his extreme hairline.

Seriously, he looks like an alien... well he is an alien, but he'd look even more like one if he ever decided to shave his widow's peak. Is it that his hair is just strange or is his hairline receding? We know Saiyans can go bald because of Nappa, so Maybe Vegeta's on the way to a chrome dome too. Forget trying to surpass Kakarot, Vegeta, maybe try some Rogaine to get that hairline back.



First off, we'd like to apologize for this one, both because it reminds everyone that Dragon Ball GT was a thing, and because that final image is truly, truly frightening. That said, this one was just too funny to pass up. Everyone knows that Vegeta had that dumb mustache in Dragon Ball GT, but does anyone know why he got rid of it?

Vegeta thinks very highly of his daughter, Bulla's opinion on matters of what's cool and what's not. In the actual scene, she tells him to shave his mustache and he does so. In this version, Vegeta defends it in a very horrifying way, by invoking the image of Nigel Thornberry to both hilarious and hideous effects. Yikes, we can't blame you for scrolling right past this one!


Cartoonist KC Green has generated quite a few memes from his former webcomic, Gunshow. The most well known is, of course, the "This is fine" dog," but there's another one that had quite the memetic stride for a time -- the "staredad" comic. This comic originally depicted a scared boy asking his father to rid his room of hornets and his father's resulting disappointment.

It has since been used to depict different kinds of disappointment, shock or sudden emotion from the father. In this case, it is used to depict how uninterested Vegeta is in anything unless it involves surpassing Kakarot. Thus, when Trunks tells him about entering the World Martial Arts Tournament, he doesn't care until he realizes Goten is competing, so it's a chance for him to show that his son is stronger than Goku's.



Here we have another one relating to working out, this time involving Trunks. You ever get that amazing feeling when you work out and then leave the gym feeling better, if not a bit worn? Vegeta and Trunks can relate. In the Cell saga, in order to train to defeat the bio-android, Trunks and Vegeta trained in the hyperbolic time chamber. When they emerged, they appeared confident, but somewhat ragged.

This meme equates this with emerging from the gym after a tough work out. You're sore and beaten and you've seen better days, but you're stronger than when you went in. This image uses the confidence and swagger that Vegeta and Trunks demonstrate to represent what it feels like getting stronger after a tough day getting those good, good gains.


It really is crazy how Goku and his friends have just sort of accepted a genocidal monster into their midsts. To be fair, Vegeta has had some crazy character development, going from a psychopathic killer to a hero of the world who fights for others, starts a family and protects his loved ones. And yet, it's hard to forget that he murdered humans and wiped out entire alien races.

Despite this, Vegeta is still given a hero's sendoff when he blows himself up to destroy Majin Buu. Unfortunately, the sacrifice was for nothing as Buu survived the explosion. The worst part about this celebration of a killer is the fact that Chiaotzu did the exact same thing against Nappa, having no effect on the villain, and was not given the same heroic treatment as Vegeta. Anyone else see the problem here?



It's been quite some time since the early days of adventuring to find all seven dragon balls, and many don't remember what went on during the original Dragon Ball series. Maybe that's a good thing too, since if anyone were to tell Vegeta exactly what went on with Bulma during her teen years, he might want to kill humanity all over again. He also just might straight up murder Goku for how he acted around his future wife.

For those of you who don't remember or know, the original Dragon Ball sometimes relied on sexual humor for laughs, and one of the sources of that humor was Bulma, as well as Goku's general naivety. When Goku was a kid, he inappropriately touched Bulma to "see what girls had down there," and we bet if Vegeta found out, his expression would look something like this, right before he murderizes everyone.


This one is a bit different from the others as it focuses not on Vegeta himself, but the man behind the Saiyan prince -- his voice actor, Chris Sabat. Sabat has been the voice of Vegeta for quite some time and as such is thought of as his true voice. Thus, we couldn't do a list like this without including a fun little meme involving him.

This cringe-worthy pick-up line comes courtesy of Sabat's wife, who got a hold of the voice actor's old headshots, as well as his twitter account. She decided to turn this one into a hilarious and embarrassing twist on Vegeta's classic line and we applaud her for it. This is just one of a few different pictures that she messed around with, but it's easily the funniest.



Remember how we mentioned that Vegeta liked to remind everyone that he's the prince of all Saiyans? Well, he does, a lot, and this meme pokes fun at just how often he mentions his royalty status. This screenshot of a frustrated-looking Vegeta is used to imagine what it must be like in the Saiyans head whenever he has the urge to mention he's the Saiyan prince.

The funniest part about this is that, like we mentioned earlier, he's the prince of only about six people. Also, he's the king; his father is long dead and was kind of a weakling. At this point it must just be a really hard habit for him to kick, or maybe it reminds him of his fallen race. Regardless, he's the prince of all Saiyans, and he won't let you forget it.


We can't imagine there's even one person who hasn't been embarrassed by their parents at some point in time. The worst is when your mom has a bit too much too drink and starts telling stories about you as a kid. Vegeta and Bulma might be husband and wife, but this screenshot still perfectly captures that feeling of frantically trying to stop your mom from telling THAT story.

Bulma and her wine glass are suddenly whisked away by Vegeta from upsetting Beerus, Vegeta's expression of fear resonating with us all whenever we've had to steer our parents away from telling embarrassing stories. The most accurate part has to be the fact that Bulma is unaware what she is doing wrong, thinking herself to be simply telling a fun story, not potentially ruining everything.



Aside from telling everyone he's the prince of all Saiyans, there's another thing that Vegeta is infamously known for, being the only person who still calls Goku "Kakarot." Aside from Goku's brother, Vegeta is the only person that calls Goku by his Saiyan birth name. In fact, depending on what dub you are watching, Vegeta only calls Goku by his Earth name a handful of times.

This is what makes this particular meme so hilarious. Since Vegeta is so adamant about continuing to call Goku "Kakarot," the only way for Goku to get him to call him "Goku," would be by tricking him. This meme gives us a hilarious interaction of Goku using a knock-knock joke to achieve just that. Of course, Vegeta probably attacked him immediately afterward.


We'll end with a new twist on an old classic. "It's Over 9,000" is a classic Dragon Ball Z meme by this point, but with this classic status also comes over-saturation. There are just too many of these memes, to the point of the gag becoming boring, repetitive, stale and even frustrating. Vegeta seems to feel the same way about these jokes and just wants them to stop according to this meme.

However, with how frustrated Vegeta is from the immense number of "Over 9,000" jokes, there is some unfortunate irony. When Goku inquires just how many of these joke's he's heard, Vegeta cannot respond without further perpetuating the joke. This meme is a great way to get meta with an old classic and make it funny once more.


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