Dragon Ball: 10 Hilarious Vegeta Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Since US audiences were introduced to him back in 1998, Vegeta has become one of the most popular animated characters of all time. His constant scowling face, smug over-confidence, and general bad-ass nature have made him the second most popular character in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, with only Goku surpassing him.

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With so much fan support, there are bound to be memes based on the iconic hero. So, with Dragon Ball Super coming to an end on Toonami, we decided to take a look at the best Memes that only true fans of the franchise will understand.

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10 Vegeta Is Adorable

One of the many contributors to Vegeta memes (and DBZ memes in general) is Team Four Star and their parody series, Dragon Ball Z Abridged. The series is beloved by many fans for poking fun at the iconic anime series, as well as paying homage to it.

One of the most memorable moments of the series is when Vegeta is giving Semi-Perfect Cell a beating. Cell says that Vegeta must think he's cute with all the bravado, to which Vegeta replies with "b*tch, I'm Adorable." Seeing how cocky the Saiyan Prince is, it makes sense that he would respond to his opponent in a vulgar manner.

9 Finger Gun

Blasting people away can grow tiresome after a while. So, rather than just killing some people with his hands, Vegeta likes to mix things up. At this moment, Vegeta decides to play cowboy and shoot up some green people.

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So, he brings his hand up and makes his fingers into a gun and shoots them. Sure, anyone can use a plain old attack, but Vegeta loves to play with prey before taking them.

8 Saiyan Danger

Before Vegeta became a good guy and settled down with Bulma, Vegeta was a straight-up evil bastard. He killed whatever he pleased all to make himself feel good. But, if that weren't enough, Vegeta even had a thing for scaring little kids. When he ran into Gohan on the planet Namek, he cuddled the young boy's face and gave us the most uncomfortable smile that anyone would give to a child.

While it was just a ploy to get Gohan to lower his defense, Vegeta was creepy nevertheless. Any child who sees this will need an adult, and Vegeta isn't it.

7 Vegeta Suprised Face

Vegeta is a man that likes to keep on top of things. While he may go into a battle head first, he generally has an idea of what he's getting himself into. But, when he is surprised, he really is.

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When he reacts to something, it'll be with a face that no one will be able to make. Guess Saiyans have to be different from humans in some way, even if they're living in an anime world.

6 Vegeta Shooting Star

One of the more infamous memes from a few years ago was the Shooting Star meme. During a moment when a character is moving towards something, they go into the deep reaches of outer space. All of this is done while the song "Shooting Star" by Australia's duo Bag Raiders, is playing.

Along with characters like Pennywise the Clown and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vegeta decided to partake in this meme. Be it when he wants to get away from Beerus the Destroyer, or he's been sent there by Jiren, Vegeta knows how to travel far and wide.


In another meme brought to us by Team Four Star, the Prince of all Saiyans is shocked to learn that someone who isn't a Saiyan Warrior could power up to the level of Super Saiyan. When he asks how Piccolo became so powerful, Trunks tells him that he's fused with Kami, and Krillin says that Kami is God.

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Vegeta is confused as he considers himself god, which makes Trunks asks if he believes his own hype. With all the anger he can muster, Vegeta screams the now-infamous line, and we all get a good laugh.


Say what you will about the Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Z, but the writers and dubbing team up in Canada contributed a lot to meme culture. In this classic scene, Vegeta is searching for one of the Dragon Balls he hid from Frieza and his forces. Despite his best efforts, he realizes that Gohan has taken the Dragon Ball.

Vegeta doesn't take the news so well and quickly sets out to find and kill Gohan and anyone who gets in his way. Gohan may have been able to take him as a great ape, but he is not going to win this time. Vegeta's wrath is just too strong for anyone to endure, even the mighty Frieza

3 Tsundere Elite Vegeta

One of the most popular tropes in anime is the tsundere character. For those who aren't familiar with Weeb-Speak, tsundere refers to a girl (usually) who acts hostile, angry, and vicious towards the main protagonist of an anime series but has a softer, more tender side they keep hidden.

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Sure, Vegeta might not be a teenage girl, but he often acts like one. Be it Goku or his Wife and Son, we all know that Vegeta fits this character trait perfectly.

2 He's Speaking the Language of the Gods

Since his home planet was destroyed, Vegeta has been traveling across the cosmos. He's met, killed, and learned about countless alien species. However, he's met very few Gods and doesn't know their language.

When he meets someone, be it a Youtube Commenter or a Bus Driver, who he cannot understand, Vegeta knows that they must be speaking the language of the gods.

1 IT'S OVER 9000

Were you expecting anything else? It was the meme that started it all. When Vegeta analyses the power level of someone (Kakarot, in Dragon Ball Z), he tends to react rather poorly if it registers at over 9000. Be it his arch-rival Goku or someone even greater than him, Vegeta gets pretty upset when someone has a power level that's over 9000.

So, you'd better learn to hide that energy of yours, because if it's over 9000, Vegeta's going to be pissed and we all know what happens when he gets like that.

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