Dragon Ball: 10 Things You Need To Know About Android 21

Android 21 is the stunning scientist of the Red Ribbon army and the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ. She has bushy auburn hair and also wears glasses. She is the current leading scientist of the Red Ribbon army and even rivals or is even assumed to surpass Dr. Gero in terms of intellect. She is, like Cell, a combination of DNA from multiple strong entities and her fighting prowess is only matched by her intelligence. She has a bit of a sweet tooth and is considered an expert in psychological warfare during heated battles.

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10 Split Persona

Android 21 may seem normal on the outside but on the inside, she is an entirely different case. Due to being a combination of multiple DNA, she has all the traits of the Z-Fighters, Cell, Frieza, and Buu in one package. However, the combination of cells in her body caused an unanticipated reaction, leading to her to developing an excessive compulsion to eat which spiraled out of control and eventually constructed an alternate personality which turns her into a sadistic, power-hungry sociopath who only wishes to “devour" all the powerful beings. The longer she resists the urge, the more her evil side gains control.

9 16's Mother

Throughout the story, 16 seems to hold feelings for 21 and vice versa, as he tries to protect her and calm her down when she almost succumbs to her urge to devour. It is later revealed that apparently 21 is modeled after the mother of Dr. Gero's son (the template for the design of Android 16) and that caused her to develop mother-like affection for him.

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When she unconsciously murders him during one of her outbursts in the middle of her battle with Cell, when she realizes what she has done, the shock causes her to mental stability to deteriorate exponentially.

8 Yin And Yang

Like the two sides of a coin, Android 21 had two personalities. She suffered a great trauma because of the death of her son Android 16, which caused her body to undergo a phenomenon similar to fission. This, in turn, caused her psyche to split into two completely different entities and materialize, a similar situation is when Kami split himself into two entities (Kami and King Piccolo). The good and bad personas each gained a separate vessel and were free to act according to their own wishes. Her body also became unstable from this and trapped her in her transformed state.

7 Majin Biology

The most noticeable trait of Android 21 is her true transformation. Like Cell, she is a mixture of multiple DNA but had a template for a physical body. Although she turned out exactly as her template, the DNA of Majin Buu overpowered all the others and made it a dominant gene in her genetic make-up. This led to her gaining an appearance that combines attributes of all fighters but her pink skin, pale pink hair and destructive behavior when she loses control, most resembles that of Majin Buu. She also develops a selfish bratty behavior which is similar to Kid Buu.

6 Very “Young"

Though it may seem like Android 21 is, in fact, a very mature woman. This suspicion is later proven false as she herself discusses this matter and claims that she isn't even ten years old. Apparently, her human body template was a full grown woman, so her design was of a woman with an adult IQ.

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Her body was generated approximately 10 years ago but unlike Cell, it did not start out as a larva state and instead was a full grown body. She claims she missed out on what it means to be a teenager and feels awkward when addressed as ma'am by younger children.

5 Resourceful

Dr. Gero was already very resourceful, and when Android 21 was completed, all those resources were transferred to her. After using the Namekian Dragon Balls to resurrect Frieza, Cell, Nappa, Kid Buu, and the Ginyu Force, Android 21 used the vast resources of the Red Ribbon army at her disposal to create hundreds of artificial human beings using the terabytes of data gathered by Gero’s supercomputer in order to prepare her own feast. Large amounts of chemicals and nutrients were utilized during the growing phase and the resultant clones were worthy adversaries for the weakened fighters.

4 Mastermind

After using the Namekian Dragon Balls to resurrect the other fighters and before synthesizing a large army of artificial human beings, Android 21 constructed a machine to link artificial souls to the other Androids, thus allowing her to manipulate them and bend them to her will. The machine also had a secondary effect as the waves it generated caused the connection of the souls inside the fighters to be severed which resulted in them losing consciousness and motor function, thus, leaving them in a comatose and vulnerable state. She also used her control on Android 18 to make her fight her husband, Krillin, who refused to hurt her.

3 Most Powerful Female Android

Android 21 is by far the most powerful female Android created by Dr. Gero. Her power is so great that even Android 16 states, in game, that her potential far exceeded that which cell ever had and is stronger than him.

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While inhibited by the waves from the machine herself, she still managed to defeat Perfect Cell who had regained a majority of his power after linking with the artificial soul implanted in him. It also takes the combined strength of Frieza, Cell, and Goku after they have powered up a significant percent using Bulma's wave negating machine at maximum output.

2 Can Copy Moves

Android 21 is a very unique character as she is the only one with the ability to absorb energy from the enemy and copy his abilities. Her ability, Connoisseur Cut, allows her to stab the opponent and absorb his energy. This ability resembles Cell as well the device used by Babidi in the Buu Saga, the ability absorbs energy from the target and even deals damage. She can perform this ability up to four times and the abilities she receives greatly vary on the adversary she is engaged in combat with. The copy ability is also somewhat second-hand and the properties can vary slightly.

1 Canon

Unlike many characters such as Super Saiyan Four Goku and Baby Vegeta, Android 21 was drawn by Akira Toriyama himself. It has been verified that he has drawn her himself and artwork has also been released. Her artwork shows her wearing the same exact outfit she wears in the game, the checkered red and blue short dress, as well as the hooped earrings and square glasses. However, when she transforms into her Maajin state, she wears the typical white pants that most fighters in the series wear, as well as black tube top. Her hooped earrings remain, as well as the golden ring she wears.

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