Dragon Ball: 10 Trivia And Facts Fans Need To Know About Super Saiyan God

Dragon Ball Super is one of the most popular anime of the modern age. It's a continuation of Dragon Ball Z and expands on many ideas presented in that show. DBZ invented the concept of going 'Super Saiyan' - a technique that allows certain characters to enhance their power. As DBZ progressed, various heroes attained new Super Saiyan forms. Goku managed to reach Super Saiyan 3 by the time the series ended.

Super picks up where DBZ left off by introducing a new form - Super Saiyan God. We're going to breakdown this form for folks who might not be all caught up on Dragon Ball but want to get back in the game!

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10 Almost Featured A Cape

When a person transforms into a Super Saiyan, their appearance changes alongside their power level. The first SS form makes a user's hair blond and spikey then surrounds their body in a golden aura. SS2 looks very similar to SS1 but adds electricity into the mix. SS3 looks the most different - it features a long, flowing mane and gets rid of its user's eyebrows (for some reason.)

Super Saiyan God also has a distinct appearance. However, Tadayoshi Yamamuro initially had something else in mind. Yamamuro wanted the form to give Goku a cape and increased muscle mass. Akira Toriyama insisted that the form look simpler, giving us red look.

9 Yamoshi Is The First Super Saiyan God

Saiyan history is something of an elusive subject in the Dragon Ball world. We don't have a comprehensive understanding of Saiyan civilization as a whole. For the most part, we just view them as a proud warrior race and run with it. But we do know who the first Super Saiyan was thanks to DB Super.

Yamoshi is an important figure from Saiyan lore. He was the first of his kind to become a Great Ape, a Super Saiyan, and an SS God! By the time Super takes place, Yamoshi has been gone for centuries. However, some fans do think that he's related to Vegeta.

8 It's Not Kaio Ken

Kaio Ken was Goku's go-to move in the early parts of DBZ. Kakarot would flash red, bulk up, and blitz his opponent before they could react. The thing is, Kaio Ken wasn't a proper Super Form - it was just a very potent technique.

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In reality, Kaio Ken has more in common with the Kamehameha than any SS form. The uninitiated might confuse Super Saiyan God for Kaio Ken. After all, both forms feature red as a prominent color. Heck, both SSG and Kaio Ken drastically increase Goku's strength and speed as well! But we are initiated, aren't we dear readers?

7 Accessed Via Ritual

A Saiyan must be stressed out to access most Super Saiyan forms. Goku turned into an SS1 for the first time when Frieza killed Krillin. Gohan accessed SS2 when he witnessed Cell kill Android 16. And Broly couldn't become an SS C-Type until Frieza killed his father in his self-titled movie.

Super Saiyan God breaks that trend. Goku needed the help of five pure-hearted Saiyans. The group had to gather together and channel their energy into Goku. We see this ritual in action in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods as well as DB Super. There are slight differences in the ritual, but the main ideas are the same.

6 Calms The Mind

The traditional Super Saiyan modes aren't just accessed by stress either. SS1, SS2, or SS3 are fueled by emotions and instinct. It's all adrenaline and octane! The early SS modes aren't very effective if you try to use them with a clear conscious. SSG, on the other hand, works in a polar opposite fashion.

When a Saiyan turns into a Super Saiyan God, their mind becomes calm. They also change their battle tactics - reacting and countering instead of trying to use brute force. We see this in action when Goku fights Beerus. Goku is much more very level headed and defensive than usual.

5 Has Multiple Variations


We've talked about SS1, SS2, and SS3 at length in this article. However, we haven't talked about their variations yet. Aside from SS1, there's also False-Super Saiyan, Ascended Saiyan, SS 2nd-Grade and SS Third Grade. SS2 and SS3 have fewer variations with more subtle features. SS God takes the cake though - this form has tons of wildly drastic offshoots!

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God-like Saiyan, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, SS Blue, and SS Rose are the most important variations. SSGSS is a hybrid of SS1 and SS God. Blue is the next step in SSGSS's evolution. And Rose is a rare form that only deities can access.

4 Has A Short Time Limit

The Dragon Ball world operates on a tit-for-tat basis, much like our own. If a character wants to access phenomenal power, they must pay a tremendous cost. We this principal come into play every time someone uses a powerful move. Kaio Ken increased Goku's strength and speed but left him drained. Super Saiyan God also has drawbacks, and they're very steep.

First and foremost, SS God has a very short time limit. This mode timed out when Goku fought Beerus in Battle of Gods! Secondly, form drains stamina and Ki like they're going out of style. Goku switched between forms to get around this limit.

3 Suitable For Space

Saiyans can perform a lot of insanely OP feats. They can punch through mountains, battle Gods to a standstill, and destroy entire planets! Even an average Saiyan can tear through military vehicles like pieces of paper. For all their strength, Saiyans are still mortal. The laws of time and physics still apply to these guys.

Case in point, Saiyans can't naturally survive in the vacuum of space. They need spaceships for interstellar travel just like most other species. However, Super Saiyan God circumvents this limit. When Goku and Vegeta access this form, they can fly through space for as long as it lasts.

2 SS + SSG = SSB

Earlier, we mentioned that SS Blue is a natural evolution of SS God. For brevity's sake, we understated the matter. Truth is, Super Saiyan Blue is a very nuanced form that takes a lot of effort to achieve! It takes multiple steps and years of training to access.

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Step one, work your butt off and become impossibly strong. Step two, perform the Super Saiyan God ritual we mentioned earlier. Step three, become stronger than 'impossibly strong.' Lastly, transform into a SS while possessing the Ki of a God! Becoming an SS Blue is no small feat. Goku and Vegeta just make it look easy.

1 It's Not Used Very Often

goku super saiyan god

Previously, we compared Kaio Ken and Super Saiyan God. KK and SS God are drastically different, despite their visual similarities. Another thing that separates this Super Form and this technique is screen time. In DBZ, Goku used Kaio Ken to all the time before he accessed SS1. Conversely, Goku rarely ever uses the vanilla version of SS God.

The mode is too taxing and difficult to use to be practical. In Super, Goku usually turns into a Super Saiyan Blue when things get rough. So far, you can count the times Kakarot's gone SS God, on one hand, and with fingers to spare. SS God is still powerful in theory but is too costly.

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