Dragon Ball: 5 Things Vegeta Can Do That Goku Can't (& 5 Goku Can Do That He Can't)

Throughout the world of Dragon Ball, each character has his or her unique techniques that allow them to stand out from one another. While some beings can share moves, like the Kamehameha wave, most have abilities and special moves that are trademarked for them.

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To illustrate this point, we'll be comparing and contrasting attacks and special moves that various characters in the Dragon Ball Universe with five moves that Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, can use that Goku, earth's mightiest warrior, can't and Vise Versa. We'll be having more in the future, so keep an eye on those coming up.

10 Vegeta: Galick Gun

After Goku laid the smackdown with one of his unique power-ups (which we'll get into later), The arrogant Prince had had enough of the low-class warrior and the earth. So, he decides to destroy the planet with his signature attack, the Galick Gun. Vegeta charges up his energy and launches a purple energy beam that almost destroys the earth.

Despite this attack being one of Vegeta's most recognized attacks, he doesn't use it that often in DBZ. It's not until Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super when Vegeta starts to use the attack more frequently.

9 Goku: Kamehameha

Goku's signature move was first past down to him back in the original Dragon Ball. After Master Roshi first uses the technique, Goku decides to study the move and tries to emulate it. Being such a quick study, Goku successfully launches the attack at a broken-down car.

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Since then, The Kamehameha wave has been Goku's most reliable attack, continually getting him out of jams against the likes of King Piccolo, Vegeta, and Cell. It may take a bit out of him, but Goku has learned to use it in much quicker bursts.

8 Vegeta: Big Bang Attack

After Goku is inflicted by the Heart Virus and is defeated by Android 19, Vegeta arrives in the nick of time to help out his arch-rival. When the Android tries to absorb Vegeta's Energy, he rips the robotic menaces hands, preventing the android from absorbing any more energy.

Vegeta than summons energy and gives 19 "a little going away present." Vegeta's Big Bang Attack is a powerful energy ball that can lay a considerable amount of damage on the person who gets caught in its blast. Just ask all the people who died at the World Tournament.

7 Goku: Spirit Bomb

During Goku's training in Other World, he learns two techniques from King Kai. The most potent attack he learned was the Spirit Bomb. By borrowing and summoning energy from the nearby living beings, Goku channels the energy into a giant energy bomb that can grow to the size of a small planet.

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Goku then tosses the massive bomb towards his foe and hopes that the ball will destroy them. While the attack has worked against opponents like Kid Buu, Omega Shenron, and Lord Slug, it didn't work so well against Frieza and Vegeta, who survives the attack, as well as Jiren, who repelled that attack.

6 Vegeta: Final Shine

When the Saiyans are forced to take on Super Android 17, the newly upgraded villain brushes their attacks off like it was nothing (not knowing that Super 17 was absorbing them). Vegeta then takes one last stand and unleashes his newest technique, the Final Shine.

By summoning some of the remaining energy he has left, he unleashes a green energy beam that he hopes will damage Super 17. However, the attack fails. While GT is no longer considered canon, we would be glad to have this attack become official.

5 Goku: Instant Transmission

After narrowing escaping the explosion of Namek, Goku lands on the Planet Yadrat and meets the native race, The Yardratians. The Locals heal Goku and let him train with them. It's during this year-long event that Goku learns the race's unique technique, Instant Transmission.

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By locating the particular energy source of a single person, Goku can teleport to a single location, even if someone is light-years away from them, in seconds. Goku is later able to combine Instant Transmission with his Kamehameha wave by teleporting right in front of his opponent and blasting them in the face.

4 Vegeta: Final Flash

During his training with Trunks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta learns a new finishing move. When Cell brushes off all of Vegeta's attacks in his newly achieved Perfect form, Vegeta gets ticked off and decides to pull out his trump card, the Final Flash.

It's a powerful yellow energy beam that forces Vegeta must charge up before using it. The beam Vegeta launches against Cell is so large that it can be seen from space.

3 Goku: Kaioken

Another technique from King Kai's training, Goku, can multiply his base power level with the Kaioken. This fiery technique increases Goku's power by up to 20x his average level. The trade-off is that Goku is damaged by the attack, due to the immense strain that it puts on his body.

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Goku first unleashed this attack when Nappa attempted to kill Gohan and Krillin. He then uses it in conjunction with his Kamehameha wave when facing off against Vegeta and Frieza. Since then, Goku had retired the technique in favor of his Super Saiyan transformations, though he does bring it back in Super when he faces off against Hit, Zamasu, and Jiren.

2 Vegeta: Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

When Vegeta attempts to take on Jiren by himself, he launches everything he has against the mighty warrior but is unable to damage him. Goku and Vegeta then decide to team up against Jiren with everything they have left. Goku unleashes his Kaioken x20, while Vegeta pushes himself further beyond his limits to achieve Super Saiyan Blue Evolved.

His power is significantly increased, and his hair is more Royal Blue than the standard blue that it usually is.

1 Goku: Super Saiyan 3

During his time in Other World, after Cell kills him, Goku is able to push himself further than he ever has before. Not only is he able to achieve Super Saiyan 2 and become stronger than Gohan was against Cell, but he's also able to go beyond Super Saiyan 2 and turn Super Saiyan 3.

The form grows his hair longer than any of the other Super Saiyan transformations and removes his eyelashes. Goku's Strength is immensely increased, but the transformation uses a large amount of energy to maintain. As seen in his fight against Kid Buu, Goku isn't able to keep this form for long and has even more trouble using it when he's alive.

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