Dragon Ball Super: [Spoiler] Just Made the Ultimate Last Stand

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory!," the 105th episode of Dragon Ball Super.

The current story arc of Dragon Ball Super, the Universal Survival Saga, has had plenty of fan-favorite characters getting at least one major moment to shine as the twelve universes pit their best fighters against each other in a martial arts battle royale. This week's episode, "A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory!," aptly features the heroic last stand of Goku's former teacher, Master Roshi, during the Tournament of Power.

As the battle raged on across the arena, with fighters who submit or are knocked out of the ring eliminated from the contest of champions permanently, Roshi single-handedly faced down the fighters from Universe 4. There had been some speculation whether the elderly sensei could fit in with the rest of Universe 7's high-flying, transformative champions but, as he fought on despite his advancing age and depleting energy, Roshi more than proved his place among his former students.

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Roshi is brought back into the center of the fight when the Universe 4 fighter Caway attempts to take advantage of the old man's weakness for beautiful women by luring him towards her. Roshi quickly comes back to his senses when she attacks him and intimidates her into eliminating herself from the competition as he powers up and creeps her out. From there, Roshi faces the magical fighter Dercori, who attempts to confuse the older martial artist with illusions in an effort to fool him into making himself vulnerable for elimination. Seeing through the sensory hallucinations, Roshi uses the Evil Containment Wave to trap Dercori in a bottle and then throw her from the arena, triggering her elimination instead.

The powerful technique was first used by Roshi's own teacher, Master Mutaito, to trap the Demon King Piccolo centuries ago at the cost of his own life. After the evil Namekian escaped, Roshi tried and failed to replicate the technique, dying from the strain on his body. This time around, Roshi is not visibly weakened by utilizing the Evil Containment Wave, much to his former student Krillin's relief. While the legality of the move during the tournament is debated, the Zenos overseeing the competition allow it, as it amuses them.

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Roshi then faces the Universe 4 fighter, Ganos, who is enraged at the loss of his teammates at the hands of the elderly champion. The green-skinned warrior transforms into a more powerful, towering bird man which he estimates is approximately ten times stronger than Roshi. While conceding that Ganos is indeed stronger and faster, Roshi is able to hold his own against his new opponent by being able to read his movements. As Ganos continues to grow in power, Roshi begins to lose the advantage of his experience. Roshi hypnotizes the fighter, but Ganos is able to use his electricity powers to shock himself out of it.

At the risk of being overwhelmed, Roshi thinks of his former star pupils, Goku and Krillin. Inspired by their examples, Roshi puts all of his remaining energy into a maximum power Kamehameha Wave, which successfully knocks Ganos out of the ring and eliminates yet another Universe 4 fighter from the tournament. The move causes Roshi to collapse from sheer exhaustion but Goku is able to revive his old master by giving him a small burst of his energy.

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The most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super proved a costly one for Universe 4 which is now on the cusp of complete elimination from the Tournament of Power. Three of its greatest fighters were eliminated at the hands of Master Roshi, who reminded his peers why he deserves a place among Universe 7's most powerful champions. Weakened but still technically in the tournament, Roshi will have to recover quickly as the competition only has a little over 30 minutes left to go.

Newly translated episodes of Dragon Ball Super air on Saturdays at 11 pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

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