Dragon Ball Super: A Beloved Character Falls in the Tournament of Power

Dragon Ball Super Episode 106

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Find Him! Death Match With An Invisible Attacker!!," the 106th episode of Dragon Ball Super, which debuted Saturday on Adult Swim.

The Tournament of Power rages on in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, with the 12 universes of the Dragon Ball Multiverse squaring off in a martial-arts battle royale. With the fate of Universe 7, the main universe in the franchise, at stake, several rivals are eliminated from the competition but at the cost of a longtime fan-favorite Z Fighter being taken out of the tournament for good.

This week saw Universe 2 go on the offensive, as the Universe 6 fighter Doctor Rota was incapacitated by a mysterious sniper who used red orbs to view his targets across the arena. Initially thought to be the Universe 2 fighter Prum after an energy blast painfully wounds Piccolo, Tien realizes another fighter is actually serving as the sniper after Vegeta is nearly hit following his dismissal of Tien.

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As Goku and Vegeta battle Prum, they realize that energy blasts are entirely reflected off the Universe 2 champion's body, making him impervious to their energy attacks and revealing that he is working in tandem with someone else as the true sniper.

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Tien then confirms this by finding the sniper, Harmira, on the other side of the stage. Now revealed, Harmira turns his full attention to Tien, firing upon the three-eyed martial artist as he launches his own attack. Using his multi-form technique, Tien creates three duplicates of himself, with the quartet charging Hermila's position in a multipronged assault.

Prepared, Harmira shoots the duplicates and blasts the ground below Tien's feet to send him off the stage and eliminate him from the tournament. At the last moment, however, the three duplicates catch up to Harmira and drag him off the arena with them, eliminating the Universe 2 sniper as well.

As Tien and Harmira are returned to the sidelines, forced to spectate for the remainder of the tournament, Vegeta takes the opportunity to eliminate Prum as he battles a revived Doctor Rota. With that, there are only six fighters left in the tournament from Universe 2 and eight fighters left on the team from Universe 6.

That's the same number of contestants remaining from Universe 7 after the loss of Tien and the previous loss of Krillin. While it was Tien who ultimately saved his teammates from the hidden sniper and was complimented by Beerus for it, the longtime Dragon Ball character is still annoyed that he was unable to do more in the tournament.

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Originally introduced as an antagonist who ultimately triumphs over Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament during Dragon Ball, Tien has remained a fan-favorite character after his turn to heroism, inspired by Goku's example and Master Roshi's words of wisdom.

While surpassed by many of the other Z Fighters over the course of the franchise, Tien still has had key moments to prove his worth, including an epic last stand against an Imperfect Cell and rescuing Gohan from an empowered Majin Buu during Dragon Ball Z.

With his role in identifying and eliminating Harmira, Tien gets his moment of glory in Super with a heroic sacrifice that saves his teammates from enduring further sniper fire. However, as the tournament continues to rage on after Tien's elimination, it is becoming increasingly clear that Universe 7 may be losing another fan-favorite fighter soon.

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Newly translated episodes of Dragon Ball Super air on Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim.

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