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Dragon Ball Super: The 15 Best Moments (So Far)

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Dragon Ball Super: The 15 Best Moments (So Far)

“Dragon Ball Z” has provided fans with an abundance of amazing moments throughout its long television history. So, when “Dragon Ball Super” was first announced as a series sequel following the end of the Buu Saga, longtime “DBZ” fans were beset with anticipation for how it could follow up the massive events and villains like Frieza, Cell and Buu, while washig the taste of the oft-maligned Dragon Ball GT from their mouths.

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Almost two years since its debut, “DBS” has had its share of ups and downs, but it has not been without its shining moments that give fans the same nostalgic feeling that made them fall in love with the franchise. Having recently completed the Future Trunks Arc, CBR is taking a look at some of the top moments from “Dragon Ball Super” so far in its almost two-year run. With a fresh color palette of Super Saiyans and divine enemies, the opportunities are ripe to add some new memories to the “Dragon Ball” data bank.

SPOILER WARNING: The following list contains spoilers from Episodes 1-67 (Battle of Gods arc-Future Trunks arc) of Dragon Ball Super.

15. Vegeta: Super Saiyan Blue


Upon being resurrected by his subordinates, Frieza seeks to gain revenge by descending upon Earth (again) to face Goku. But, despite the reveal of his new Golden Form, Frieza learns he is still outmatched by Saiyans, especially when Vegeta reveals the result of his training with Whis: Super Saiyan Blue.

While the form clearly demonstrates the next step in Super Saiyan God forms, to see it from Vegeta was nothing short of gratifying for his fans, who’ve been wanting the former Saiyan Prince to close the gap with Goku ever since their first battle in the Saiyan saga. The fact that Vegeta easily beat back Frieza, an opponent he once stood no chance of beating, was a huge sign of character progression for him, especially from a power level standpoint.

If there’s a key difference between “DBZ” and “DBS,” it’s the fact that, next to Goku, Vegeta has become more of a main focal point, as he is able to stand on-par with his rival and has more shining moments of victory. A Saiyan should always keep his pride, and Vegeta has yet to lose any of his.

14. Super Saiyan God Goku Vs. Beerus


In the wake of the Buu Saga, fans thought there was no way Kid Buu could be topped in terms of strength. At least that was the case, until Beerus, a literal God of Destruction, suddenly put Earth in his sights. With no one able to match Beerus’ strength, only one option was left: become a Super Saiyan God. With the help of the five Saiyans (plus an unborn Pan), Goku gained red hair and the ability to sense God ki, which ostensibly put him on equal footing with the God of Destruction.

Though this fight was simply more of a retelling of the “Battle of Gods” film, it didn’t make it any less satisfying. Seeing Beerus in action made it clear that he was a much bigger threat than Majin Buu ever hoped to be. Then, fans found out that he still didn’t go all-out against Goku, which was even more astonishing given the feats he performed. This fight served not only as an introduction to Beerus himself, it also set a goal for Goku to strive towards while giving fans a glimpse of how powerful these Gods truly are. That and their enormous hunger for quality food, and it became clear that the appetites of these creatures, along with their power levels, were beyond measure.

13. Champa and Vados


During his fight with Goku, Beerus hinted at the idea of multiple universes and other godly figures akin to himself. During the Resurrection of F arc, “DBS” introduces two of them: Champa and Vados. The God of Destruction from Universe Six and the twin brother of Beerus, Champa is introduced in much the same way as his sibling: destroying planets while looking for something or someone in particular. Like Beerus, he has his own attendant, Vados, who sees to his needs. Despite his stated weight gains and laziness, Champa is on equal footing with his brother in terms of combat, which automatically places him as one of the strongest characters in the series. The same can also be said of Vados, who was recently revealed to be Whis’ older sister.

The reveal of this duo was significant in setting up the events of the Universe Six Tournament Arc, while also introducing the existence of the Super Dragon Balls and bringing a ton of world building into “DBS” regarding these various universes. Having such an introduction to this pair is likely to mean that more Gods of Destruction and their Angels could be set to make their appearances in the near future.

12. Training with Whis


One classic staple of “Dragon Ball,” especially when it came to Goku, was good old-fashioned training under a teacher. Goku’s had plenty of them, including Master Roshi, King Kai and Korin. But none of them appear to have anything on Whis, who takes both Goku and Vegeta under his wing. Revealed to be the personal trainer of Beerus himself, Whis is undoubtedly among the highest of expert fighting teachers within the realm of “Dragon Ball.” He is easily able to fend off both Goku and Vegeta, gauging their weaknesses after a very short time.

Whis was an essential stepping stone for both Saiyans, especially Vegeta, who personally sought him out shortly after Goku’s bout with Beerus. The results of his training bear ripe fruit for both, who continually train under him and against each other. But, his training is not without cost, as, like his God of Destruction student, he has a need for delicious Earth delicacies like pizza and ramen. That’s a pretty good price for someone who trains godly figures and beings.

11. Vegeta Vs. Cabba


If there’s one thing every Saiyan has, no matter the Universe they’re from, it’s their strong sense of pride. Vegeta proved that his pride can reach any and all Saiyans, which is especially the case during his battle with Cabba of Universe 6.

Despite the clear difference in strength, it’s clear that Vegeta could easily beat the young Saiyan if he went all-out. The fact that Cabba is unable to go Super Saiyan infuriates Vegeta, who pushes his anger to the breaking point. Threatening to kill his entire family, Cabba is able to push beyond his own limits, becoming a Super Saiyan during the battle. Though he loses, he gains two things from the former Saiyan prince of Universe 7: a stronger sense of power and pride.

This fight was a huge moment for Vegeta in that he becomes something of a mentor to Cabba. Despite defeating him in one blow with Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta made a special impact on Cabba’s development, which could play a huge role the next time we come into contact with the young Saiyan.

10. Super Saiyan Rose


After trading a few blows with Black, it was expected that a rematch would see the mysterious Goku lookalike put up a much better fight than before. No one expected to see a new Super Saiyan color make its debut; much less so with a villain using it.

While it met with its share of mixed reactions from fans, there’s no denying that the form’s reveal, along with its name, was a pretty epic sight to behold, especially as fans learned the truth surrounding Black’s identity. Having struggled to keep up with Super Saiyan Goku, Black’s Rose transformation was enough to hold off Goku and Trunks simultaneously. Coupled with a Saiyan body that gets stronger the more it gets hurt, defeating him gradually became all but impossible.

Much ado has been made about the colors of these new Super Saiyan forms (God, Blue, Rose), and fans (somewhat) jokingly wonder if white, green or purple could be next. In Black’s case, Rose was used well in characterizing the fall of Zamasu and made for some very intense action scenes with Goku, Vegeta and Trunks.

9. Debut of Zen-Oh


The conclusion of the tournament between Universe 6 and 7 brought with it an unexpected guest: Zen-Oh, the king who rules over the 12 universes of “Dragon Ball Super.”

Known as the Omni-King or the “King of All,” his mere presence is such that Beerus and Champa, two Gods of Destruction, are sweating bullets as they’re quick to bow before him. He appears to have solid reign over the other universes, albeit in a very child-like manner and tone. After witnessing the fight between Goku and Hit, he’s enthralled enough by the spectacle that he wants to see another tournament just like it with all 12 Universes, pitting the strongest fighters against one another to see who comes out on top.

Zen-Oh’s appearance is not only important for setting up future plot lines, but also in continuing the world building, while establishing the divine hierarchy within “Dragon Ball Super” itself. Zen-Oh appears to take a strong interest in Goku (which Beerus isn’t too happy with), which could further set the stage for plenty of important interaction between the two in the future.

8. Super Shenron Debut


Claimed as the ultimate prize for the tournament between Universe Six and Seven with planet Earth on the line, the Super Dragon Balls made their first appearance on screen following the narrow victory from Universe seven. It’s certainly safe to say that the creators went out of their way to make this version of Shenron very super indeed.

Given the title of the franchise, Shenron is an iconic symbol within its narratives, as his summonings are one of the most visual spectacles of the series, and his size often dwarfs the entire landscape on Earth. When it comes to Super Shenron, he dwarfs entire galaxies, and the Super Dragon Balls themselves are planet-sized ornaments. It can also only be summoned through the language of the gods with quite a “different” password than the Earth-bound Shenron.

Super Shenron’s debut was nothing short of amazing, and his power is such that he was able to restore the Earth of Universe Six to its original state at the behest of Beerus’ wish. It has only been seen since granting Zamasu’s twisted wishes in future flashbacks, but as the gang looks to traverse other Universes, there’s no doubt that we haven’t seen the last of Super Shenron.

7. Goku-Trunks Vs. Black-Zamasu: Tag Team Battle


When it was announced Future Trunks would be returning in the previous arc of Dragon Ball Super, the fandom was abuzz with excitement. After his takedown of Frieza and King Cold, and his role in the Android and Cell sagas, Trunks has become something of a fan favorite among the “Dragon Ball” fan base.

His first extended action in battle would be alongside Goku when they were forced against a Super Saiyan Rose-powered Black and an immortal Zamasu. Despite their best efforts, both had a hard time against the villain duo, who worked in perfect tandem with each other as they proceeded to make quick work of the Saiyans. At the very least, Trunks proved his sword isn’t simply for show, and still held his own alongside his mentor’s father.

“Dragon Ball Z” has been a series that prides itself on brawling one-on-one fights, but it was refreshing and energizing to see a Goku-Trunks team up in lieu of a downed Vegeta. Trunks didn’t see much action in the Cell Games saga, but he more than made up for it both in this fight and the entire arc, which is always a pleasure.

6. Reveal of Trunks’ New Form


Infuriated by Zamasu’s goading at his altering of the timeline and his powerlessness, Trunks, in his anger, awakens an intriguing new form of Super Saiyan.

With the look of his Super Saiyan Two form and lightly shrouded in blue ki –– reminiscent of Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan form — this level was powerful enough for Trunks to hold off Zamasu and Black simultaneously for an extended period as Goku and Vegeta retreated back to the past to plot an alternate method of defeating them. The form gave Trunks a much-needed boost in power and proved a critical instrument in dealing the final blow against Zamasu.

The fact that Trunks was also able to sense Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms also implies that this particular form gives him similar abilities, like sensing god ki, albeit on a smaller scale. It is also just another small example of how Saiyans grow stronger through both anger and the damage they take to their bodies. It is also the most significant combat progression Trunks undergoes during this arc and stands as one of his most epic moments to date within all of “Dragon Ball.”

5. Trunks’ Spirit Bomb Sword


With his sword in hand, and Goku and Vegeta out of commission, Trunks was the only one left standing against Fused Zamasu. However, with the use of his new form, and the hopes of the people left in the wake of Zamasu’s destruction, Trunks performs a technique similar to that of Goku’s Spirit Bomb, absorbing the energy of those around him and imbuing them into his sword, creating a massive amount of ki within the blade. Powered by the hopes of those around him, he deals the crushing blow to Zamasu in an epic display of energy sword power.

With the arc centered heavily around Trunks and his timeline, it was fitting that he be the one to deal the final blow (or swing the final sword, as it were), especially with the amount of development he experienced throughout the arc, both in combat and from a mental standpoint. The callback to his debut appearance of cutting Frieza and King Cold in half was also very well placed while delivering a fitting end to the villain with his own two hands.

4. Fused Zamasu Final Form


As the fallen Kai apprentice reigns unchecked , he decided to make the final step forward in his Zero Mortal Plan, fusing with his partner-in-crime Black to become one ultimate being known as Fused Zamasu.

Up to this point, Zamasu and Black separately were unable to completely finish off Goku, Vegeta and Trunks. However, upon fusion, none of them — whether attacking separately or as a group — were able to lay a finger on him. With an immortal body that never dies and a body that gets stronger the more it gets beaten up, Zamasu was well beyond anything the Saiyans had ever faced (outside of Beerus, of course). Zamasu and Black were strong enough fighting as a team, but putting the two together was the last thing that needed to happen, especially with an entire future at stake.

This moment was significant in reintroducing fusions back into the series, particularly Potara fusions, and how they exponentially increase the powers of those who decide to fuse using them. It also made for a pretty big and final twist from Zamasu, who gave the Saiyan trio plenty of headaches given his severe god complex.

3. Goku Vs. Hit


With the Super Dragon Balls on the line, Goku is pitted against Hit, who is known throughout Universe 6 as the best assassin around.

Outside of his stoic demeanor and presence, what made Hit most devastating during his fight was his Time-Leap ability, which allows him to slow down the flow of time. Coupled with his incredible speed and precision, Hit quickly becomes a problem for Goku, as he is able to keep up with him even while he is in Super Saiyan Blue form. Not only that, but as the fight goes on, Hit manages to extend his own Time-Leap’s limits and continue to keep pace with Goku.

Seen as arguably one of the best fights in DBS thus far, this was a fight between two individuals who not only thrive off of combat, but who each know how to overcome and blow past their own limits. Pitting such similar characters against each other made for an engaging fight that made fans excited for the future of Hit as a character. It was also during this battle that a certain technique made its grand return…

2. Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken Technique


Any “Dragon Ball Z” fan worth their salt knows about the Kaio-Ken technique Goku inherited from King Kai, but the highly risky yet powerful move seemed to fade into oblivion once Super Saiyan form joined the fray.

However, DBS showed us that Goku has not abandoned his classic “DBZ” roots, unveiling a dazzling mix of Kaio Ken with his Super Saiyan Blue form during his fight against Hit in the Universe 6 tournament arc. The form not only resurrected KaioKen from the grave, it put a new twist on an old favorite. It greatly boosts his overall strength and speed, allowing him to overwhelm Hit despite his Time-Leap ability, which managed to take out Vegeta.

While he hasn’t perfected the form and it puts too much strain on his body, seeing Goku invent such a technique shows how he continually pushes past his limits, seemingly to stay a step ahead of Vegeta. A trump card used only as a last resort, this technique is sure to make the rounds again in the near future.

1. Vegito Vs. Zamasu


With a newly fused Zamasu outclassing both Goku and Vegeta, and both Saiyans having exhausted all other options, they play their last card: potara fusion, bringing back perhaps the most yearned-for character in “DBZ”: Vegito.

This was a momentous occasion, bringing the potara-fused Saiyan back into the mix. Up to this point, Vegito had never really been challenged or truly defeated in any way, and fans got their wish at extended action from him, and powered up in Super Saiyan Blue no less.He clashed evenly with Fusion Zamasu despite the latter’s overwhelming powers, while throwing in some badass moves and one-liners against the Kai’s severe god complex.

Despite burning through the potara fusion time limit as a result of Super Saiyan Blue, Vegito is a presence that DBZ fans aren’t often graced with, given Goku and Vegeta’s lack of need to perform fusion very often. It was a long-standing hope that Vegito would make his return, and it is undoubtedly worthy of being the best moment of “Dragon Ball Super” thus far. Until an enemy proves themselves powerful enough to stop him, Vegito, in any of his forms, shall always reign supreme.

How have you been enjoying “Dragon Ball Super” thus far? Did your favorite moments crack our list? Let us know in the comments!

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