Dragon Ball Super Season 2: 10 Things That Need To Happen

The first season of Dragon Ball Super left many fans both ecstatic and disappointed. While the show itself only superficially matches the manga, it has given us some details that were not mentioned or elaborated well enough in the comic serialization.

With the conclusion of the first season at the Tournament of Power and the addition of a new threat in the manga, fans are left wondering and discussing some possible theories and possibilities that may occur in the second season. Many fans are hoping that it lives up to their expectations and hope that perhaps that they get what they want, as listed here below.

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10 No Filler

Like many anime, Dragon Ball is notorious for having filler episodes. For those unaware, filler episodes are extra episodes which do not have any relevance to the original story and Dragon Ball Super season one is full of them. The entire Tournament of Power has not been depicted in the manga as in the anime because some characters that were shown in the anime have not been shown in the manga.

There are also some scenes that were shown in the anime, such as the Mastered Ultra Instinct debut, that were not in the manga. Because it's an animation, they should definitely dramatize it, but not have episodes where Goten and Trunks try to find some chicken to eat.

9 Fully Mastered Ultra Instinct

Ever since the reveal of Ultra Instinct during the tournament and its potential displayed, the form has generated one of the biggest hypes the series has seen. It is a feat that is difficult to achieve, even by Gods of Destruction and allows the user to avoid any danger by removing the reaction and motor function delay.

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Goku used the form temporarily and stated in the season finale episode that he couldn’t use it again until pushed to his limits. Season Two is expected to make it a permanent part of his arsenal and see it more frequently in battle.

8 Make Gohan Great Again

Ever since his battle against Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan has not shown any growth and his character development has greatly deteriorated. Throughout Super, he has been shown to live a normal life with a stable job and barely gets any relevant screen time or get his fists dirty except for when he was forced to represent Universe 7 in the tournament.

Ever since his last power up, Gohan has never shown great feats of growth but his tactical approach to battle is still second to none. So we hope that season 2 does his character more justice.

7 Justice For Vegeta

Even though Vegeta has proven himself to be a capable fighter and even assisted in saving the world multiple times, he has never been truly appreciated. The main reason for this is because Toriyama himself prefers to give Goku the spotlight, but we all hope and pray that he gets the glory he is due.

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Whis also pointed out that Vegeta would make an excellent candidate for the God of Destruction title and this could greatly influence the character and his position in the Dragon Ball hierarchy.

6 Angels’ Plan

A theory that has been circulating the lore of Super is that the angels are planning something of their own and will eventually put it into motion in order to fulfill their objective.

In certain instances, we can see that a smirk runs across their faces whenever a universe was erased from existence. Even in the recent movie, you can see Whis smile when Gogeta was about to finish off Broly. There is a hidden agenda and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. It’s only when Goku breaks his limits multiple times that the angels' grins vanish.

5 A Focus On The Kids

Sure it’s fun to see Goku and Vegeta fight villains and eventually beat them but that has become rather dry and predictable. A nice change of pace would be a focus on Pan or Bulla because it would definitely set an image that could be compared to GT and its representation of the characters.

Trunks and Goten would also be a nice change, just to mix it up but even they have outlived their usefulness in the current series. Plus, it would be nice to see a female protagonist once in a while that could showcase how women can also be just as tough as the men.

4 No Dragon Ball Usage

We know that the usage of the Dragon Balls is a staple event and the show itself is called Dragon Ball but that shouldn’t necessarily mean that every villain they face requires them to resort to using them. About 80 percent of the time we can see that the balls are always used and so it would be an interesting approach to not use them and settle the battle on their own completely.

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The recent addition of the “Super" Dragon Balls does make this request seem far fetched and even the focus on the Namekian Balls in the current manga chapter has already almost guaranteed that this won’t be the case.

3 Serious Beerus

Ever since the character was introduced, he has been shown to be extremely lazy and only ever does anything when he is annoyed or has a tantrum. Beerus has been shown as an extremely powerful being but his constant carefree attitude tends to just make us lose interest.

It would be great to see him in a serious mode like when he destroyed Zamasu, a scene that literally gave us goosebumps and showed us, albeit briefly, his serious and ruthless side. Hopefully, the second season contains a fight were Beerus takes off his gloves and proves his position as a God of Destruction.

2 Fusion Reborn

After watching the Dragon Ball Super movie, a new impression of the character Gogeta has been established. Unlike Vegito who has been field tested properly in two battles, Gogeta has only recently made his debut as a Canon character and his battle against Broly has only risen both his status and power.

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Considered to be a less stable fusion as compared to the Potara, Gogeta showed us one of the greatest and much-needed battles, as compared to Vegito. While Vegito was interesting to see, he didn't have nearly as much oomph as Gogeta. Seeing the new fusion would be as amazing as anything else in the series.

1 God of Destruction Vegeta

We already know that Vegeta is the closest possibility to a God of Destruction candidate in Universe 7. Considering how Toppo, who was a candidate of Universe 11, gave us a peek at what were to happen if the candidate embraces the power, we've been aching to see Vegeta get that kind of transformation.

Seeing Vegeta undergo the kind of makeover Toppo did would definitely relight the spark of his character and turn him into the God Prince of Destruction. It's almost like how he became Majin Vegeta, one of his most incredible and merciless transformations that turned him into a formidable adversary.

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