Dragon Ball Super: Another Fan-Favorite Character Falls in the Tournament

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Revenge 'F' The Cunning Trap?!," the 107th episode of Dragon Ball Super, which debuted Saturday on Adult Swim.

Fresh off the elimination of Tien Shinhan in last week's episode of Dragon Ball Super, Universe 7 has lost another longtime fighter in the Tournament of Power. After an impressive performance against much stronger opponents throughout the multiversal martial arts battle royale, Master Roshi finally concedes and exits the Tournament to seek medical attention after utterly exhausting himself. This brings the number of fighters from the main Dragon Ball Universe remaining in the contest to seven.

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For the past two episodes, Roshi had been recovering from his battle with the Universe 4 fighter Ganos. While the elderly martial artist emerged triumphant, the effort nearly killed him, requiring Goku to restart his heart with a small burst of energy. As Roshi continues to regain his strength in a secluded part of the arena, he is cornered by the Universe 6 fighter Frost who mercilessly attacks him.

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A powerful warrior from the same race as Frieza, albeit from an alternate dimension, Frost is significantly stronger than Roshi and knocks Goku's first teacher around, injuring his right shoulder. While gloating, Frost is completely taken off guard as Roshi powers up and attacks him with a flurry of blows. Regaining his bearings, Frost knocks back Roshi only to discover it was all a ploy to put him in position to be trapped by Roshi's Evil Containment Wave.

Using the technique taught to him by his teacher Master Mutaito centuries ago, the move temporarily transforms its victim into energy to trap them in a small bottle. Roshi had used the technique earlier to contain and eliminate Universe 4 fighter Dercori, but it put a significant strain on his body. As Roshi attempts to repeat the move on Frost, his injured shoulder causes him to falter, freeing Frost and further weakening Roshi from the effort.

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Spotting Vegeta recovering himself on a nearby mountaintop, Frost provokes the resting Saiyan Prince while resuming his assault on Roshi. Incensed, Vegeta attacks Frost while the Universe 6 fighter goads Roshi into attempting to use the Evil Containment Wave again. Roshi complies only to realize it was all an elaborate trick by Frost to accidentally trap Vegeta instead, maneuvered into position by Frost and his Universe 6 ally Magetta.

With the last of his strength, Roshi frees Vegeta from his containment with the enraged warrior turning Super Saiyan Blue causing Frost to flee and Vegeta to eliminate Magetta. With Roshi on his last legs and potentially posing as more of a liability than an asset to the Universe 7 team, Vegeta convinces the ailing fighter to jump off the stage and eliminate himself so he can receive timely medical attention on the sidelines. Roshi agrees and receives a Senzu bean from the previously defeated Krillin to heal his wounds and regain his strength. As Roshi recovers with his former students, Universe 7's God of Destruction Lord Beerus notes that the elderly martial artist has finally gained his respect.

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The past several episodes have exacted a toll on Universe 7 as its champions battle for their very survival against eleven universes in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. With Krillin, Tien and now Roshi eliminated, it's up to its remaining seven fighters to defeat their opponents if they hope to gain a wish from the Super Dragon Balls and for Grand Zeno to not completely erase their world from existence. And with Goku now fighting Ribrianne, one of the strongest fighters from Universe 2, the Z Fighters cannot afford to lose another one of their own at this pace.

Newly translated episodes of Dragon Ball Super air on Saturdays at 11 pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

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