Jiren: How Strong is Dragon Ball Super's Quiet Warrior?

Dragon Ball Super Jiren

The final story arc of Dragon Ball Super has the 12 universes of the anime series' multiverse coming together and sending each of their strongest fighters to participate in the epic Tournament of Power. While the martial arts battle royale introduces many powerful new characters to Akira Toriyama's long-running Dragon Ball franchise, none is more formidable than Universe 11's champion Jiren.

The silently stoic warrior is the final opponent to face Goku and the Z Fighters as they battle for the survival of Universe 7. Quietly meditative, Jiren's demeanor is a sharp contrast from his fellow Pride Troopers from Universe 11 but quickly proves himself the most dangerous of them all. As such, here's a look at the fighter that serves as the greatest threat to Goku during the Tournament of Power.

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Devoting his entire life to the protection of Universe 11, Jiren reluctantly enters the Tournament of Power at Top's request to ensure its survival, although he vows to leave the contest prematurely if necessary to deal with any threats to his home that pop up in the meantime. This recalcitrance to participate carried over to the competition itself too. Jiren only intervened when he felt his presence was absolutely necessary to stop a berserk rampage by Kale or thoroughly beat Goku and Hit before withdrawing to meditate.

Eventually, Jiren's tragic past is revealed, discovering his parents murdered as a child. Adopted and trained by the martial artist Gicchin, Jiren's mentor and fellow students were killed confronting his parents' killer. Following this tragedy, Jiren would continue to train in solitude, dedicating his life to absolute mastery of martial arts and advancing his own rapidly growing power.


Upon Jiren's debut in the Tournament of Power, as the Pride Trooper powers up, he shocks everyone present including Universe 7's God of Destruction Beerus. Whis estimates his true strength on par or possibly superior to that of a God of Destruction, although he turned down the idea of becoming Universe 11's God of Destruction, leaving Top to take the position.

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As the combat intensifies, Jiren proves himself the single strongest participant in the competition, easily dispatching opponents with minimal effort. His immense power completely negates the effects of Hit's Time-Skip ability, much to the Universe 6 assassin's surprise. Despite the vastness of the arena's realm, Jiren's powering up reverberates across the entire alternate dimension plane, impressing the Zenos overseeing the tournament. It is only when Jiren is caught off guard that the normally stoic fighter loses his composure, glimpses of emotion seen under his somber demeanor.


Largely staying out of the way of the combat until he deems his participation a necessity, Jiren easily overpowers fighters established earlier in the series by having seemingly superior power levels, completely unaffected by Goku at Super Saiyan 2 and deflecting all of his blows at Super Saiyan God with a single finger. Even transformed at Super Saiyan Blue and using the Kaio-Ken technique, the longtime protagonist is no match for the Universe 11 fighter.

After Vegeta is able to see through Jiren's fighting style and land a solid blow at Super Saiyan Blue surprising everyone including Jiren, the stoic fighter begins to use more of his true potential and outmatches the Saiyan Prince. It is only when Goku begins to use the previously unseen Ultra Instinct form that Jiren is given a run for his money, allowing himself to smile when finally faced with a worthy opponent. After Ultra Instinct wears off, it takes the combined efforts of Goku, Frieza and Android 17 to ultimately bring Jiren out of the ring and save the day.

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Largely humorless and unfailingly stoic, Jiren is one of the most mysterious characters introduced in Dragon Ball Super and certainly the most powerful. The final fighter faced by Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power, Jiren vows to face Goku in a rematch even stronger than before in a friendly competition. With power levels as strong as his, Jiren's return is already something of an inevitability.

Newly translated episodes of Dragon Ball Super air on Saturdays at 11 pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

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