• Dragon Ball: 5 Ways Videl Changed Between DBZ And Super/GT (And 3 Ways She Stays The Same)

    Videl Satan, wife of legendary Z Fighter, Son Gohan and mother of future Saiyan prodigy, Son Pan. Most would write Videl off as just some other background character within the world of Dragon Ball. With such crazy and explosive characters as Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and so on, it's not hard to see why such an error can be made. However, that's just what that is, an error.

    Videl is an amazing addition to the series that has such character and personality. She's often overlooked in the shadow of other Z Fighters but is almost just an interesting. She's gone through character changes and has really matured as a woman. She's great and deserves your attention, so without further ado, here are 5 ways Videl changed between DBZ and Super/GT (and 3 ways she stays the same).

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    She Gets Married To Gohan (Change)

    Some time after the events of the Buu Saga, Gohan and Videl settled down in the time of peace, and married. It was quite clear that Videl loves Gohan so this wasn't any surprise to fans of the series, but it was still a nice thing to see come to fruition in a canon setting. They even got married in the non-canon Dragon Ball GT.

    Throughout the series, many characters would poke fun at Gohan and Videl's relationship by remarking when they would get married, much to their dismay. It seems that the pair really warmed up to the idea rather quickly. Videl moving from the girl with the last thing on her mind being dating to becoming a married woman is a character change and shows how much she really loves Gohan.

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    She Becomes A Mother (Change)

    During the Beerus Saga of Dragon Ball Super, Videl revealed herself to be pregnant, much to everyone's happy surprise. Gohan and Videl had made a healthy Saiyan/Human child that actually helped save the universe, but more on that later. She gave birth to a baby girl who her and Gohan named Pan.

    Through Dragon Ball Super, Pan is only a baby and isn't of much more importance after that point. However, in Dragon Ball GT, Pan is grown up and a pivotal part of the series. Regardless of the incarnation, Videl is a proud mother.

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    She's Brave (Unchanged)

    Videl, throughout her time on the series, has always displayed an intense and unwavering bravery. Whether that be in front of a strong man in a martial arts competition to a villain capable of destroying the planet. She always maintains not only a poised stance but steady heart.

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    You'd think after facing death and danger so many times, Videl would lose her sanity and buckle under the pressure, but she does no such thing. Her experiences with the Z Fighters have only strengthened her resolve and brave heart. Gohan and Videl's marriage is another huge factor in this as well. Because of each other, they can easily face the forces of evil with smiles.

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    She Chills Out And Matures (Change)

    Those who know Videl from her initial appearance in Dragon Ball Z know that she was somewhat of a hot head. She got very emotional easy and her favorite emotion was anger, especially towards Gohan. However, as the two got to know each other more and more, the more Videl calmed down. Gohan, ironically enough, provided Videl with a piece of mind that she hadn't had before.

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    This rings true in all incarnations of Videl, canon or not. Despite her calming down since her younger years, Videl is much like Chi-Chi in how she can still go off when provoked enough. Chi-Chi and Bulma were also a big help into shaping Videl into the more level-headed woman she is today. They were just the right strong and faithful role models young Videl needed.

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    Stops Fighting (Change)

    Videl was mainly raised by her father, Mr. Satan, martial artist superstar, causing her life to heavily revolve around the martial arts. She, from a young age, had been trained in several forms of fighting and was a prodigy at it. Now she wasn't skilled enough to join the ranks of the Z Fighters but she definitely caught Gohan's attention.

    However, settling down and becoming a mother, Videl decided to put fighting on the back burner. Rather than punch her way through obstacles, she opted to talking them out as a good role model for her daughter. Despite this mature decision, Videl is still very much a fighter at heart.

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    Loves Martial Arts (Unchanged)

    As said before, Videl was born into the martial artist lifestyle due to her father, but when she became a mother, she let go of her fighting days. Despite this, Videl is very much still a martial artist at heart. She has a deep love for the practice and enjoys watching the Z Fighters continue on with their spars and battles.

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    Videl even wants her daughter, Pan, to go into the direction of martial arts. Having grown up in that world and knowing her father did as well gives comfort to Videl in knowing that Pan is quite literally born for it. It also helps that she will be a Saiyan, so trips to the ER will be a lot less frequent.

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    Helps Save The World (Changed)

    As said before, Videl is definitely a skilled fighter, but is in no way prepared to help the Z Fighters against menaces like Buu or Frieza. She always had to take the back seat while the big boys fought to save the world. But all that changed in Dragon Ball Super.

    During the Beerus Saga, the Z Fighters were attempting to turn Goku into a Super Saiyan God in order for him to fight Lord Beerus for the fate of the Universe. After a failed attempt, they realized they were one Saiyan short. Thinking they were doomed, Videl bravely stepped forward and revealed her pregnancy. Realizing that she was carrying a Saiyan child, she volunteered to lend her child's energy to help transform Goku. Lo and behold, it worked and Goku was ready to fight Lord Beerus for the fate of the Earth. Not bad Videl. Not bad at all.

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    Strong Willed (Unchanged)

    If there's one way to describe Videl, it's strong-willed. She's very much akin to her fellow Z Fighter wives in that she's tough as nails. She'll not only stand up to those more powerful but get in the face and discipline those capable of snapping her in half with zero fear. When she has something on her mind, she makes it known.

    In a lot of ways, Videl is essentially Chi-Chi if she had chill. I'm not sure what that says about Gohan but hey, he's a hybrid alien who was the first of his kind that was brutally tortured and trained throughout his childhood to save the world multiple times. He's gonna be a little weird and Videl loves him all the more for it and vice versa. Videl is a tough cookie and not one member of the Z Fighters to be messed with.

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