'Dragon Ball Super' Debuts First TV Spot, Promo Art

The initial promo spot and key art have arrived for the highly anticipated "Dragon Ball Super," the franchise's first new television anime in 18 years.

While incredibly short, at just 14 seconds long, the TV ad packs in what fans have come to expect from "Dragon Ball" -- namely, an over-the-top mix of action and comedy.

Anime New Network notes that the promo image features Whis and Beerus from "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods" and "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F,'" but also two new characters that bear a striking resemblance to them.

Announced in late April, "Dragon Ball Super" is set a few years after the defeat of the planet-destroying Majin Buu/Majin Boo, at a time when Earth is peaceful again. “Dragon Ball” creator Akira Toriyama is credited with “original story and character concepts.”

The series will make it Japanese debut Sunday, July 5, on Fuji TV and other channels, with a manga adaptation, drawn by “Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission” author Toyotarō, launching in the super-sized August issue of Shueisha’s “V Jump” magazine.

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