Dragon Ball Super: One of the Galaxy's Deadliest Criminals Arrives on Earth

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53, by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, available now in English from Viz Media.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 52 saw Piccolo make a costly mistake by choosing to show mercy to Moro's scouts. The group was able to communicate to the intergalactic villain that Earth was particularly powerful, drawing Moro's attention. However Goku and Vegeta are still training off-world, which means the planet is particularly vulnerable right now. Chapter 53 introduces Moro's next wave of invaders, and they might prove too much for the remaining Z-Fighters, as one of them possesses an extremely dangerous ability.

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The newest installment of the manga sees Piccolo, Jaco, Hercule, Bulma, Dende, Mr. Popo and Kuririn at The Lookout trying to figure out how to defend Earth. When Piccolo reveals that he let Moro's scouting party alert others, Jaco detects that a ship containing Shimorekka, Yunba and OG73-1 (aka Seven-Three) has set a course for Earth. The three are the henchmen of Saganbo, who managed to eke out a win against Goku on Namek with a little help from Moro's energy draining powers after the villain freed the Galactic Patrol's prisoners so as to serve as his army.

Jaco is immediately scared, revealing the trio is incredibly powerful, with only Agent Merus having been able to stop them. The Galactic Patrolman attempts to flee, but he's stopped by the rest of the team and forced to explain just why he's so scared. That's when Jaco reveals Seven-Three is an artificial being designed for destruction and has the ability to copy the powers of others by grabbing their necks. The effect lasts for thirty minutes.

Kuririn and Piccolo resolve to train for the coming battle after Jaco tells them that it will take the trio ten days to reach Earth. However, Jaco's estimate proves very wrong, as Seven-Three takes the powers of someone capable of teleportation and uses those abilities to bring himself, Shimorekka and Yunba to The Lookout on Earth.

The new villains then attempt to kill Moro's scouting party, but Piccolo interrupts. However, Seven-Three uses this opportunity to grab the back of the Namekian's neck and take his powers. Now capable of using Special Beam Cannon and arm extension abilities, Seven-Three attacks Piccolo.

Jaco joins in the fight, but the two are definitely put on the back foot by Seven-Three's ruthless attacks and newfound powers. Shimorekka eventually arrives to take on Jaco one-on-one, and the Galactic Patrolman then reveals that Seven-Three has "infinite stamina," meaning that it's impossible to "wear him down." Meanwhile, on The Lookout, Kuririn and Hercule fight Yunba, who knocks the former through the tower.

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Just as Seven-Three looks set to destroy Piccolo with a Special Beam Cannon, Gohan -- who was previously at a college lecture -- arrives on the scene, rescuing his mentor/surrogate father from the villain. Piccolo briefs Gohan on the situation, and the young Saiyan prepares to face off against Seven-Three.

Gohan is definitely one of Earth's strongest fighters, having proven himself time and time again over the course of the manga's various sagas. Under normal conditions, Seven-Three would likely go down pretty easily. Although the villain was able to beat Piccolo pretty handily, Gohan is way past his mento in terms of strength at this point. Still, Seven-Three's copy ability will likely play a key role in their confrontation, as grabbing Gohan's next just one time could result in the killing machine getting a massive powerboost.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 54 releases Nov 20.

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