10 Questions We Still Have After Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has completely revamped the story of the Legendary Super Saiyan and greatly outclassed its predecessor in more ways than one. Despite this, the movie itself raises many questions because even though the old art style and classic animation are enticing, there are some gaps and loopholes in the events of the entire arc.

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These gaps and loops are addressed by the audience and lead many fans to decipher the implicit meanings they may have, as well as figure out whether or not the questions were somehow obscuredly answered in the movie itself. Time to find out!

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10 Can Sheron Grant More Than One Wish?

The Earth dragon balls originally had only a one wish capacity but after Dende became the new Guardian of Earth, the balls were upgraded to be able to grant two wishes. However, when we see Shenron appear in the movie and fulfill the wish to save Broly and send him back to the planet Vampa, he suddenly reverts back to the time when Kami was the guardian of Earth and bids them farewell after completing that one wish. Why is that? Isn’t the two wish dragon canon after the Cell Games? Or was he not fully recharged to be able to grant a second wish?

9 Why Didn’t Vegeta Use Royal Blue?

During his battle with Jiren in the Tournament of Power, Vegeta underwent some serious development and unlocked a new state of power which was stronger that Super Saiyan Blue.

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The evolved form of Super Saiyan Blue was called Royal Blue by the fanbase and was strong enough to counter Universe 11's Toppo's Hakai, which could destroy anything from existence. So why was Vegeta unable to tap into this power-up in the movie? The requirements are not like for Ultra Instinct, so what did he lack? Did he feel that the form wouldn’t assist him in the situation and wanted to conserve energy?

8 Why Didn’t Goku Use Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken?

One of the best reveals in Dragon Ball Super was the combination of Super Saiyan Blue with the Kaioken. A much requested and anticipated form, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken is able to magnify the user’s energy and physical limitations. This form was able to defeat Hit, who could time skip and was considered one of the fastest characters in the series. So, why didn’t this form show itself during the fight with Broly? Was it too high a risk at the time? Did Goku’s body receive too much punishment that it couldn’t be unrestrained? Shouldn’t his body have healed slightly from the Super Saiyan God ki?

7 Is Beerus “Super" Concerned?

Beerus has been shown to have a very carefree and nonchalant attitude towards everything except food because he feels confident in his own strength and doesn’t show concern for someone overshadowing it any time soon. However, as he feels out the clashes of energy between Broly and Goku and Vegeta, he is shown to drastically shift to a stoic and rather serious demeanor. He even states that the matter was settled in their favour. So, does this imply that Beerus is afraid of Broly's potential? Does he feel that in the near future, Broly will overshadow him? Is Broly the true prophesied Super Saiyan God who will battle him... and win?

6 Will Goku Truly Attain Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Instinct first made its appearance in the Tournament of Power and is considered a milestone that not even Gods can reach. When Goku first gets a taste of the form after being pushed to the brink of death, he obtains a form of “zenkai" (considered an abysmal power boost) which acted as a catalyst to be able to break his shell and unlock more strength that remained dormant in him.

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Why couldn’t Goku unlock it again? Was Broly not able to push him far enough? Had it been too long since he last tried it out and forgotten the feeling? Is the shell of his potential too hard to overcome this time?

5 Is Frieza Stronger Than Goku And Vegeta?

After killing Paragus and triggering Broly’s Super Saiyan transformation, Frieza is left to deal with Broly for an hour when Goku and Vegeta retreat to perform the fusion dance. The fact that Broly, who could toss around both Super Saiyan Blues, made Frieza his punching bag till they got back. Frieza was able to withstand that beating and stayed conscious throughout that punishment, so does that imply that he's become stronger than both Saiyans? He may still be able to get stronger in the future. Is he secretly training? Is his golden form not yet mastered? Will he obtain a new form?

4 What Is Whis' Plan?

Throughout the Dragon Ball Super series, angels have been considered to be the strongest beings after Lord Zeno because they have mastered ultra instinct and use it like it's second nature. The series has depicted them as calm, calculating and sometimes mischievous. There could be some sort of hidden agenda because they tend to smirk whenever an interesting development occurs. Whis himself smiles in the movie when Gogeta is about to finish off Broly with a Big Bang Kamehameha and states that the battle is about to reach its closing. What is he hiding? What is the angels true intent?

3 Will Broly Leave Vegeta In The Dust?

During the tournament of power, all the twelve universes were ranked based on their mortal level. Universe 7 was ranked as the third from the bottom because there were only twenty-eight known planets with an advanced civilization, but considering that Broly was on a planet that was overlooked, it is possible that Universe 7 could rise in the rankings.

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If you factor in that Broly may share Jiren's title of "Stronger than the God of Destruction", it’s possible that he may also qualify as a candidate for the position. Will Vegeta be the second pick again? Will Vegeta's pride push him higher?

2 Will Goku Become Broly’s Roshi?

The turtle hermit has greatly influenced Goku’s life and this movie ends with an implication that Goku is willing to take Broly under his wing in order to teach him how to fight. As a result, he gets a powerful sparring buddy, and that's a win-win situation for Goku. After his battle against Broly, he follows him using instant transmission in order to provide him with a care package, courtesy of the Briefs, and tells him that he will come to visit him in order to spar and train. We are all left wondering whether Goku will train him the same way Roshi trained, or will it be his own twist to it? After all, he's trained Gohan, and that gave us the epic Teen Gohan we know and love.

1 Is Bardock's Story Also Redesigned?

In the movie, Bardock sends off Goku and when he stands against Frieza during the final stare-down, he is not wearing the signature blood-soaked arm band of his best friend Tora. Though Dragon Ball Minus has elaborated on this section of the story, it has still left us with many questions as it completely flushes out the lore that was established since the beginning. Is Minus now the official backstory? Did Bardock never envision his son battling Frieza? Did he never experience the trauma of losing his best friend? I suppose we'll find out next time on Dragon Ball Super!

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