Broly Returns in New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

This winter, Dragon Ball is returning to the big screen with the 20th installment of the franchise, as well as the first film tied to Dragon Ball Super. Now Toei Animation released a teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which will feature controversial villain Broly.

While Broly has been the primary antagonist in three Dragon Ball films to date, as well as a handful of games, the legendary Super Saiyan has never appeared in the main series, and as such, is not considered canon by many fans. However, a recent statement might calm the legendary Super Saiyan's uncertain status among fans.

According to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly website, Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama said, "While keeping in mind Broly's classic image so as not to disappoint his fans, I updated him and added a new side to his character, and I think this resulted in a more fascinating Broly." That, coupled with the appearance of Kale in Dragon Ball Super, the only other Dragon Ball character capable of a transformation similar to Broly's might signal that the character has become canon.

Toei Animation's Dragon Ball Super: Broly opens Dec. 14 in theaters in Japan.

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