Dragon Ball Super: Top 10 Best Characters Introduced

With every new incarnation of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama and Company introduce a new host of characters for fans to get attached to, and Dragon Ball Super is no different. From new Saiyans and godly Deities for Goku and the crew to hang out with, to new Fighters for the Z-Fighters to take on, Toriyama and the boys over at Toei know how to make crazy characters for fans to latch on to.

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For this list, we'll be taking a look at the best characters that Dragon Ball Super has introduced, so don't expect to see Beerus and Whis as they were first shown in Battle of Gods. Also, while Broly was made canonical in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he won't be counted as he was already introduced years ago.

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10 Kale

First introduced in the Universal Survivor arc, Kale is the partner in crime of another female Saiyan(we'll get to her later). While her partner is more Extroverted and Proud, Kale is far more shy and meek in comparison. While she may be a stereotypical anime girl, it's still a nice change of pace from the typical Anger intensive Saiyans were used to.

However, when she is pushed to her limits, she'll go Beserk Super Saiyan and rage out like the Incredible Hulk, though like the MCU's Banner, she has learned to control it.

9 Champa

While Beerus was introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Super introduced his larger than life brother, Champa. Unlike Beerus, who's much more reserved in comparison, Champa is loud and brattier than his brother. If Beerus was more like a Sphinx Cat, Champa is more akin to Garfield; the lazy fat cat that loves to share his thoughts on what's going on.

While he can come off as whiny, spoiled kid, you can't help but laugh when his ambitions go wrong; making him the perfect foil for Beerus. Just don't let them fight it out since the entire universe will be destroyed.

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8 Cheelai

The only character on this list to be introduced in the recent Dragon Ball film, Cheelai was one of the only Female members of the Frieza force. After meeting Broly and his father, she quickly changed sides to help the Super Saiyan from being destroyed by Gogeta.

Cheelai is an instantly likable character, thanks to her snarky personality and ability to take care of herself. She's a take-charge girl that's helped the guys out far more than any of her fellow fighters, making her a great addition to Dragon Ball's cast of female characters.

7 Zeno

How can anyone not love Zeno? He's just a bundle of cuteness that can destroy anything in the universe with just a simple thought. Zeno feels reminiscent of the boy from the classic "It's a Good Life" episode of Twilight Zone, lacking the spoiled nature of Anthony Fremont.

You can't help but laugh when Gods like Beerus shiver in fear over the little guy, even if he wants people like Goku to stop by and play with him. Luckily for them, Goku was able to find the only other person to keep him occupied: Zeno from Trunks's timeline.

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6 Toppo

When it comes to showing off his pride, Toppo - or Top if you go by the English dub -  lives up as a member of the "Pride Troopers." Toppo loves to show off how prideful he is; striking a pose every chance he gets. He even gets annoyed when people interrupt poses and transformations, like when Android 17 attacked the Kamikaze Fireballs during their Metamorphosis's.

Toppo is also a capable fighter, being able to match Goku in Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. It's later been revealed that Toppo is a candidate to be the next God of Destruction for his universe. He's even given the power to and destroy just about anything he wants.

5 Cabba

The first new Saiyan to be introduced conically (not counting Broly or Turtles ), Cabba is vastly different from Goku or Vegeta. He's a young kid with a much gentler personality, not wishing to fight unless it's necessary. Whereas Goku and Vegeta are the last of their kind, Cabba is just one of many Saiyans in his universe.

During his fight with Vegeta, Cabba impresses the Prince of Saiyans so much that he has taken on the mantle of a teacher for the young man, even teaching Cabba how to turn into a Super Saiyan. While Goku would've done this out of the goodness of his heart, it takes a lot of guts to impress Vegeta to teach you.

4 Caulifla

Caulifla is the first female Super Saiyan to be introduced. Caulifla feels like the un-official love child of Goku and Vegeta. She's just as brash as the latter and constantly wants to get into a fight like with the former. She's snarky, a street punk that can go Super Saiyan 2 and she never shows signs of weakness.

She also never goes anywhere without her partner in crime, Kale. If you mess with her, Caulifla will beat you till you are nothing but a puddle of blood.

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3 Jiren

Jiren is the strongest foe that Goku has ever faced. Unlike other foes, Goku was never able to land a single blow when the two first fought. It wasn't until Goku unlocked the power of Ultra Instinct that he was able to match Jiren evenly. While Jiren's strength makes him a threat, it's his backstory that makes him much more than a brute.

After his friends and family were killed, Jiren vowed to be the strongest so that no one would be able to make him suffer. It makes for a surprising complex opponent when compared to other Dragon Ball antagonists.

2 Hit

Hit has become a fan favorite since he was able to defeat Vegeta and go toe-to-toe with Goku. Hit has the power to control time around him. He can skip for a tenth of a second, freeze time around him and his targets for a short while, and even has a pocketed dimension that makes it difficult for his opponents to attack him.

Along with his time-bending abilities, Hit is a master assassin; He's never left a contract unfulfilled. When fighting, Hit is attack foes in their pressure points, making his attacks much more painful than a standard punch. Hit may not be as complex as other characters, but he's left a mark on the series and fans.

1 Goku Black & Zamasu

Though Kai's are supposed to be benevolent beings that watch over the universe, Zamasu sees himself as both Jury and Executioner. Similar to Marvel's Thanos, he sees himself as a righteous hero who is trying to rid the universe of the impure. However, seeing that he hasn't the strength to fight Goku, Zamasu from another timeline uses the Super Dragon Balls to swap bodies with Goku, becoming Goku Black. He then teams up with himself from Trunks's Timeline to wreak havoc across the already destroyed timeline. He makes for an excellent Machiavellian villain, constantly betraying his Master and the way of the Kai's to fulfill his ambitions.

While Zamasu is an irredeemable villain, the actor behind was able to redeem himself. Funimation was somehow able to get James Marsters (Angel, Runaways) to voice Zamasu (under the alias David Grey, as this is was a non-union job) for Super, as well as FighterZ and Xenoverse 2, allowing fans to forgive the actor from Starring in Dragon Ball: Evolution. Now, all we need is Justin Chatwin to make an appearance in the future.

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